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3 super-easy ways to make things merrier

I’m lazy all about keeping things quick & easy. With the snow sprinkling outside my office window, the Christmas spirit is starting to take hold.

Here are 3 super-easy ways to share the Christmas spirit:

#1.  Christmas stamps
Most of us end up sending at least a dozen Christmas or holiday cards out at this time of year. Instead of buying the Christmas-themed stamp, consider the Mental Health stamp.

This domestic stamp is sold in a 10-pack and one dollar from each packet sold will go to the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health. This foundation is doing excellent work in reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and provide funding support to front-line organizations.

If half the population of the Ottawa bought one packet of these stamps, that would equate to about $500,000. Buy a stamp, make a difference!

#2.  Grocery shopping
No doubt about it, you’re going to be in the grocery store sometime before Christmas. While you’re there, pick up a few extra items to help those facing hard times.

With layoffs come hard times for many families. It’s easy to help our local community to stay fed and healthy this winter with the The Ottawa Food Bank donation bins found in grocery stores all across the city.

The items most in demand are on this list. Go grocery shopping, make a difference!

#3.  Blood: the free gift 
Even when the budget is at its tightest, it’s possible to provide an immeasurable donation to your community.

It will take a bit more effort than the stamps or the groceries, but not much really. Canadian Blood Services has a really efficient appointment system. If you’ve never given blood before, you can read about my experience here

The blood from one person’s donation can save three lives. Three lives! Donate one hour of time, make a difference!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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