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4 Ideas for Quick, Low-Cost, Thoughtful DIY Teachers’ Gifts

Psst! This is a heads-up that if you wanted to give your kids’ teachers a gift, time is kinda running out! Join my club and check out these ideas that I’ve hand-picked because they are (a) not a coffee mug, (b) can be created quickly, (c) are very low-cost.

Notes of Appreciation for that Special Teacher

Here’s a great idea from Cyn at Creative Cyncronicity: a sweetly decorated glass jar that holds paper apple cut-outs. On each cut-out is a little note from your child on what he/she loved best about that teacher or school year.


An Easy-Care Keepsake for the Classroom or Home

Stacey from This Lil Piglet has created perfect printable tags that you can slip into succulent plants. Love it!


A Little Treat to Bring Home and Share

The last time I asked a teacher what she would suggest for gifts, she said “consumables” — things that will get eaten or used up. So, let’s just say that it’s a pretty sure bet that these Smarties would be gone by the end of the first week of summer! Thanks go to Jennifer from Mom vs. the Boys for this great DIY gift.


Cheerful Monogram Decor 

Here’s a unique idea from Amanda at Multi-Testing Mommy — and monograms are all the rage these days. This gift could be something for a teacher to take home and enjoy or you could even change-it-up and create the school initials for use to brighten up the classroom.

Monogram Button Letter


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