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Another Attempt at a Front Hall Vignette

When Hubby sees me poking around the front hall trying to put together a vignette (you can see my first attempt here), he just cracks up. I am not a patient person and have little tolerance for anything “fiddly” and yet, I just love doing these vignette things. Strange but true.

I had gathered a few special things:

In the background is a print that Hubby gave me after Stella was born, titled Mother and Child. The boxed book box collection is Griffin and Sabine trilogy. The wooden box is a “treasure box” that my parents gave me as a child when they returned from a trip to Egypt. And the carved wooden owl was a gift from my mother-in-law.

I tried a variety of combinations and none of them were entirely pleasing to me. There just seemed to be something missing. See what I mean?

Hubby came to my rescue though. He said he knew exactly what my vignette needed.

So he added his wallet and a lighter.


Magical, isn’t it? :p


  1. LOL yup that is it!

  2. Hilarious… Try something tall and thin on one side of the table (a pair of candlesticks—with candles), balanced by the weight of the books (love the G&S trilogy!) and box. The print in the background is too heavy to have such little things placed in front of it. What about a plant trickling over the edge of the table?

  3. I would listen to Joe, NOT Hubby!
    Though I did crack up  :)

  4. Maybe a set of car keys, or I know perhaps another book wrapped in a chapters bag. 

  5. Hee hee hee…. All It needs is the remote car starter and the doggie poop bag holder…

  6. Ok. I laughed out loud when I saw what D added to your vignette and wondered why there wasn’t some loose change added as well. Does he have a minimalist bent? :)  Personally I would decorate the top of the dresser with a beautiful vase or better yet, a wide ornamental bowl and leave it at that. p.s. my mother is queen of the vignette, but she uses a lot of doilies so I wouldn’t ask her for decorating advice. 😉

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