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Are you guilty of labelling people?

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been guilty of labelling someone — consciously or subconsciously — according to a stereotype or just simply out of ignorance.

So it’s precisely for this reason that I found this video created by Mabel’s Labels so valuable. It gives me that reminder to constantly challenge labels … of those that come to mind when I meet someone as well as those that I place on myself.

In the video, which was made in honour of International Women’s Day, employees from Mabel’s Labels share the labels that they get stuck with. I like how the video begins with a label, like “religious,” and the associations or connotations that go along with it, like “judgemental,” and then moves to ripping off the labels by letting the women characterize themselves for who they actually are.

Check it out … let  me know what you think ….

p.s. I know the size of the video is not right by my toddler is desperate to play Mr. Potato Head, so I’ll have to fix it later. Forgive the look of it in the meantime!

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  1. Thanks for sharing that Jules!! I am impressed – Mabel’s ladies did a fine job moving a point across. A good reminder to all of us!
    Cheers LADIES (Int Womens Day)!

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