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"Because you're worth it."

L’Oréal’s “Because you’re worth it,” slogan is a great one.

As the old saying goes, women, especially mothers, never take time for themselves because they are so busy caring for others. With this slogan, L’Oréal gives you the permission to spend money on yourself, to spend time on yourself. It’s a bit of an anthem of sorts, really.

Although ‘L’Oréal’s origin is Paris,  L’Oréal Canada is a strong Canadian business in and of itself. Here are but a few examples of what I am talking about:

Strong supporter of women in science: Since 1998,  L’Oréal Canada, in partnership with UNESCO, has offered generous postgraduate scholarships to young Canadian women scientists involved in promising research projects. For more details on how the company supports women in science.

Family-friendly employer: Any employee who works more than 22 hours a week is eligible for a generous health and benefits package and there is no waiting period for coverage. Of particular note is the on-site daycare provided to employees returning from maternity or paternity leave (which is 100% top-up pay for 17 weeks), staffed by 7 daycare workers.  L’Oréal Canada is often recognized for its status as an employer of choice, and this goes well beyond being family-friendly. For more details.

DiversityL’Oréal Canada has also been recognized for its efforts in diversity. Among the company’s initiatives is a unique training program on inter-generational relations in the workplace and the focus it brings to the career development of women employees and disabled people. For more details.

There’s also the basic economic benefits of having such a vibrant company housed in Canada. Over the years, L’Oréal Group has made sigificant investments in Canada, the most recent of which was $24 million into its L’Oréal Canada Quebec-based plant.

It was this particular investment that was the topic of my recent writing assignment, but I couldn’t help but be convinced that not only was I “worth it,” but that buying L’Oréal was worth it.

If you’re going to buy, you might as well buy from a company that supports Canadians.

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