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Beyond the Brown Exterior (hint: NAC ticket giveaway!)

Beyond the blah-brown exterior of our country’s National Arts Centre is a vibrant group of employees, volunteers and an ever-evolving programme of theatre, music and dance.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s proof for you: their marketing department has a cyber-marketing division. How hip is that?  

This same cyber-marketing division is hosting a “Blogger Night” at the NAC on Wednesday, September 30th. By a Blogger Night, I gather that they’re aiming to secure third-party endorsement and generally create some buzz over their programming by inviting a group of local bloggers to attend an event. And it’s working, isn’t it — cuz here I am talking about it!

But more than that, I am also inviting you to attend with me. No, it’s not a Seinfeld event or even a performance by the National Ballet (hey, don’t snicker! Ballet is cool, don’t ya know?), it’s classical music.

I’ve never been able to get into classical music, have you? I’ve always been more attracted to music with words. No surpise really, since I just love anything with words strung together in interesting ways.

But like the brown exterior of the NAC building, I suspect that classical music offers something truly satisfying … if I could just get “inside” it. And if you’re like me, here’s our chance.

Beyond the Score
Mozart’s Final Piano Concerto

Why it’s Different:
Aiming to take attendees beyond the basic score of the music, there will be an actor playing the part of Mozart and a narrator describing actual events that were happening in Mozart’s life at the time when he wrote this musical piece. This interpretation part will take place during the first half of the event, and in the second half the music will stand on its own just for listening.

At least that’s how I understand it. And I think it sounds so interesting. If you do too, let me know by dropping me a quick comment.

You’ll need to be able to be in Ottawa for the evening of Wednesday, September 30th. The winner will be able to pick up 2 tickets at the front box office before the event. I’ll do a random draw on Sunday morning from those who have commented and post the winner’s name on the blog.

Good luck!


  1. Hey Julie,

    I know, I wish I could get inside classical music as well. My boyfriend is a big fan and knows all the pieces, conductors, big players — so I’ve always wished I could talk his language with him.
    Sounds Interesting!

  2. I LOVE classical music! My first real job ever was doing PR for a symphony orchestra. Not only was I getting paid for gushing about the orchestra, but I got to go to all the concerts for free. Pick me! Pick me!

  3. you know? I haven’t been to an orchestra performance in over a decade, and I, unlike you, have a strong preference for music and dance without words or singing. I like to simply absorb the sound and movement. I would love to go…especially since Chopin is generally my favourite composer, and so Mozart would be a changeup! Count me in…!

  4. I love classical music! I was likely one of the few highschool students that spent my hard earned babysitting money treating myself to the odd concert with the NAC orchestra when I could afford it!

  5. Jennifer Covert says:

    Thanks for the great blog post Julie! and just to clarify… the eMarketing division is really, um, just me, though I work with lots of great colleagues across the organization and in our New Media department. :)

    Looking forward to Wednesday!


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