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BOLO: faces behind blogs

Not long back, I wrote a post which shared my excitement in being able to hear the voices behind blogs. In it, I noted that many of the blogs I read include a photo of the author, so the voices were going to be the big draw for me.

Well, I was wrong … my dear Ottawa bloggers and their readers are just so darn gorgeous in real life that the faces really made the entire night last night a real treat.

A real treat that was entirely made possible by the amazing Lynn from Diary of a Turtlehead. She really pulled off an awesome event. There were 24 readers in total and the place was packed!

The faces behind the blogs: Cheeky, animated, earnest, radianting intelligence, curious and just plain beautiful. They were all there last night. And here are a few for you to enjoy as well….

Christine reading from Coffees and Commutes:

Katherine reading from Girl About O-town:

Nat reading from From Nat’s Brain:

Dani from Postcards from the Mothership:

Me, enjoying every single reading:

All photo credits belong to my brother Adam Harrison         who shares his thoughts and amazing photography from his recent travels on his blog Adam in Asia (Yes, that was my brother I was with last night… you know…just in case you thought my husband was 27-years old).


  1. That is SO nice! You do look like you’re enjoying yourself!

    It’s always a pleasure listening to other read. Slightly different when we’re the ones doing the reading.

  2. What a wonderful event, Lynn is my hero. there is just so much talent out there, it’s really humbling.

    (Don’t suppose you’d email me that picture please, one of the few where I don’t look like I have three chins?)

  3. Great photos But done of Dani’s bra? :-)

  4. There were some beautiful people there last night – you included, Julie! Who knew us Ottawa bloggers were so damn gorgeous? 😀

  5. It truly was a special night, and I was honoured to share it with so many amazing and interesting bloggers.

    And wow, I guess I didn’t look so bad!

  6. @Laura – it really was great fun because I love laughing and I was laughing my head off the whole night! (I also read, and enjoyed that too!)

    @Nat – it’s in your email box now! :)

    @CapitalMom – oh, I SO wish I had managed to catch that! I’d have blackmail fodder for years with Dani! teehee!

    @Maven – I know! We are just so damn hot. It’s surprising that they didn’t photograph us bloggers for the next Sports Illustrated really. Their loss.

    @Christine – You were great! You have a really nice, clear speaking voice (with lots of confidence). And you looked just as cute as ever. In fact, I think you and your hubby get voted all-round cutest couple of the night!

  7. great photos from it! a fabulous evening.

  8. I didn’t think anything of you and that young man you were with. Why shouldn’t you have a 27-year-old husband? You’re only about 28 or 29 yourself aren’t you?

    It was splendid to meet you at last. I kept going over to Lynn asking where you were and you were never there. And then when you were it was your moment to star! We’ll have to get together in a less madcap setting some time.

  9. Great presentation Jules and great presentations everyone!

    It was great to see how talented and supportive the community is. Thanks for the belly laughs!

  10. It was a great event with captivating readers and photographers! Lynn really outdid herself this year!:)

  11. I just think this is the coolest event!! And you all seem to be so happy. I am glad to have found you.

    I also think it’s tremendous you would go out with your brother. I have an arty brother that I love to share the evening with as well.

  12. I am very bummed right now. You and Christine were able to meet and listen to each other read? How wonderful! Except FOR ME! Oh well.

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