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Boot Camp Experience, Part 4: How I feel at the one-week mark

So, I managed to get myself signed up for Boot Camp AND I managed to show up to the first session. But how did the first full week go?

Really well! After only one short week, I am already stronger. I can do more sit-ups, more push-ups and more squats.

This image is an original untitled work by Krista Jenkins.

And there really is nothing more gratifying than getting out of bed and feeling sore muscles. Yes, you heard me right! When you’ve incubated two babes and haven’t felt a stomach muscle since then, then it actually feels exciting to have a mild ache in your core area. (It’s easy to believe that those stomach muscles simple disintegrated after being pulled to the limit.)

As for the actual program itself, well, as I noted in my Part 2, I really hadn’t counted on all the extra work between classes. I thought I was committing myself to two evenings a week. The in-between stuff is extremely challenging to fit into the schedule (that has included children with the flu, thank you very much!), and I’m not going to beat myself up for it. The way I see it … two classes a week is MUCH better than what I was doing before. Which was, er, was nothing.

So far, here’s where I see the Booty Boot Camp program excelling:

  • Excellent, highly qualified and personable instructor (Lauri).
  • Each session is completely different, so it’s impossible for you or your muscles to get bored.
  • There are 8 locations in my home town alone, so it makes it easy to find one near you.
  • If you have to miss a session, you can do a make-up class at another location.
  • The provided DVDs for home exercise are a nice bonus and even though I haven’t really used it, my friend Mandy has been diligently using them.
  • The pricing is reasonable ($159 Cdn for 4 weeks) and the only equipment required is a yoga mat.
  • Your questions are welcomed and answered immediately via your instructor or via the Booty Boot Camp twitter account (@BootyCampFit)

And so far, here’s where I see the Booty Camp program could improve:

  • The branding and materials seem silly and almost patronizing rather than motivational. But that could just be jaded ol’ me. As example, in the guidebook that we’re provided on the first night, it suggests making a “vision board” to help keep you focused on your goals. To make the vision board, we’re to cut out pictures from women’s magazines. Um, no thanks! I think I’ll just focus on seeing my energy levels increase and feeling stronger rather than looking at photoshopped pictures of 14-year-old models dressed up in big-girl clothes.
  • The program really seems targeted to the already moderately fit, or at least not the overweight or obese. As example, the guidebook shows the owner’s “before” and “after” pics. In her “before” picture, she is wearing a bikini, appears about 18 years old, and looks great (if you asked me). But here’s a hint: my age group has disponsible income too and we’re a great market for you!
  • The recipes of the day are very difficult to use since the ingredients are not things I generally have in my cupboard. It would be better to send me a week’s worth on the weekend so I can get all the groceries for the week.

So, dear friends, as you can see, I have found far more pro’s than con’s with the program and I will persist in getting my butt to boot camp each week! And I will be sure to do a summary post at the end of my four-week program.

I know that many Coffee with Julie readers are also doing the Booty Boot Camp program and I’d love to hear how you’re finding it!

Are you doing another work-out program that is making your feel great — tell us all about it!

What are your tips for staying motivated to your exercise program?


  1. I am SO not getting the extra workouts in either and just pleased that I’m making it to the two sessions at all. Life is crazy! And it is SO much more than I was doing before.

    And I agree with the booklet, I stopped reading it pretty fast. That being said, I am really enjoying my time in the classes and can’t say enough nice things about our instructor here in Orleans (and Gloucester) Jodie. :)

    Will you do it again?

  2. hey… you have 2 part 3 booty camp posts 😉

  3. Its amazing how quickly your body responds to this type of vigorous exercise (and I mean vigorous….since I was brought to complete exhaustion and nausea during last nights class – but man did I feel pretty accomplished after that!).

    This exercise really works – take it from a girl who has tried every diet / exercise regime out there. It really gives you the boost you need to start feeling a bit better about yourself.

    I agree with the book and to add the dvd routines are good but Sammie does not work at keeping you focused during the challenging parts and she doesn’t offer low intensity versions when needed the most.

    All in all though – I am hooked!

  4. I’ve been scared off by the name of this program. I need something but I just figure this is all intense (boot camp) and have shied away.

  5. @Lara – Yes, I am thinking of re-registering to do the 8-week program … are you? Great to hear your instructor is awesome too. Teachers always make the difference — in the classroom and in the gym! (Also, thanks for letting me know about the misnaming on the posts – I fixed it now!)

    @Jacqueline – So, you’re hooked! Great to hear! There is no way I’d push myself as hard as the classes do, so I think I’m hooked too.

    @Neeroc – Yes, it is intense. But, that’s why I wanted to do it. I really wanted to see something results and get myself motivated to keep up a regular exercise routine.

  6. I saw ads for a boot camp in Ottawa, not sure it’s yours. I was considering signing up but the materials and the website really put me off. It was like “you lazy person, come and we make you into a thin person!”.

    I don’t exercise to lose weight, I exercise because it makes me stronger and make me feel good.

    So I took hot yoga again instead.

  7. To be honest, after the first three classes I wasn’t really feeling much. It wasn’t until last night’s class that I really started to feel like it was working. You’re right about how it seems tailored more to women that are already fit. I wouldn’t say I’m fit, but I have been exercising at least 1-2 times a week at the gym for the past 6 months. It’ll be great to see the results at the end, and see if we actually lost inches.


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