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Could it Be Love? #TheWinterResolution

could it be love

A bit of a strange feeling has started to creep into my heart these days. Really strange.

While I still think the smell and sight of a warm ocean beachfront is the most beautiful thing in the world, I have also started to notice a different kind of beauty.


A deep contentment that encircles me when I’m breathing in crisp, fresh air. A satisfying sensation when all is silent but the crunch of snow underfoot.


And, dare I admit, a deep affection for my hiking boots. Those same boots that were the price of a pair of Fluvogs. Six years later, and they are still keeping my toes warm and dry.


Oh, dear friends, is this a form of madness creeping in? Could it really be true that I not only “not hate” winter anymore, but actually, kind of like it?

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day! For long-married folks, take a read of this and tell me you don’t laugh till you cry (with big thanks to Cassie for sharing it with me this morning). For those with your children, indulge me by reading this Valentine that I wrote to my son.


  1. I’m not a big winter fan, especially the -20 cold, but there’s something about strapping on a pair of snowshoes (or just a regular walk) through the trails in a forest. Especially if the snow is light and fluffy and the sun is shining! Then I don’t quite mind the cold as much. I take my dogs on the trails too, but it’s trickier with the snowshoes because they often trip me :) Loved this post!

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