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David Sedaris is Worth It

Late this afternoon, I got my dirty little paws on tickets to see Mr. David Sedaris (!) tonight at the National Arts Centre.

But really, the timing couldn’t be worse … our house is torn apart and we’re in the middle of painting it, the kids have stuff going on tonight that requires taxi-driving, and I can barely think straight from the insomnia I had last night.

In case you are wondering who he is, which I suspect you might be, because when I wrote a post on Sedaris titled “I’m in love with a gay man” eons ago, I didn’t receive a single comment. Nope, no endless streams of “me too!” and “yes! I adore him too!” Same for this post, and even in this post, where I included quotes from Sedaris that I thought were just so witty and hilarious … the response from you my dear readers? Silence again.

So, let me guess — if you were me, you’d pass on the tickets, put on your jammies and curl up on the sofa, eh? I know, it is kind of tempting. (Especially since Glee is on tonight.) REALLY tempting, in fact.

But hubby has shown his true colours and valiantly insisted that I go — timing be damned. And he’s right.

Off I go …

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  1. I’m obviously a very delinquent commenter because I ADORE David Sedaris. I didn’t even know he was coming to town – otherwise I would have joined you! How was he? Were you rolling in the aisles?

    He’s so smart and witty and coooooool…sigh. Think he’d accept a dinner invitation?

  2. i am in love with several gay men, but have no idea who David Sedaris is :) hope you enjoyed…and just to make you feel ever better- GLEE was a repeat.


  3. I most certainly know who he is but it’s my husband who is the biggest fan in our house. If we didn’t have 3 kids, one who is only 10 months AND living on one salary, we would definitely have been there. Hope you had a great time!

  4. Good for you! So nice to get out despite all the distractions and fatigue! I mean you can be tired and sitting at home or at the NAC! Hope you had fun!

  5. :)

  6. Yep, just to confirm: David Sedaris was definitely worth it! Had such a fabulous time with many snort-laughs! :)

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