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How to Get Your Body “Beach Ready”

beach ready body

Dear Women of the World,

I know, you’ve been told: your body is not ready for the beach.

How do I know you’ve been told? Oh, perhaps simply by scanning the article titles of virtually every single women’s magazine cover in the past month.

But have you ever tried to read those articles and follow their advice? I have. Those “3 easy steps” usually involve radically changing my eating habits, my exercise habits, and a variety of painful hair removal tips.

I really have no time, energy, or inclination for all that work. Because — let’s be real — we’re all skimming those articles in the hopes of a “quick fix,” aren’t we? Something that actually works.

After living in Australia and travelling through some very hot climates over the years, I have won and lost many a war in getting my body ready for the beach. At this ripe age of 42, however, I pretty much have it all down to a fine art.

And, of course, I will divulge it all to you. And at no cost too!

Step #1:  Treat yourself a gorgeous wide-brimmed hat.

I don’t care how expensive it is … if you put it on and you feel fabulous (or at least not silly) in it, then buy it immediately. I used to think my numerous cases of sun stroke were caused by being outside too long, but really, it was because of being outside without a hat. If I wear a hat to the beach, I can stay out all day.

Because, really, a nauseous and headache-y body that is dealing with sunstroke is not “beach ready” is it? 

Step #2:  Be good to your skin.

Australia, naturally, is way ahead on the curve here. They’ve been covering their skin with UV-resistant clothing and swimwear, as well as properly applying sunscreen for decades. Canadians, on the other hand, are so excited to see the sun again that we forget that we are also at risk for skin cancer here in our country too. But we are. In fact, melanoma is considered the deadliest type of cancer and it’s on the rise in Canada. So, let’s be good to our skin.

Because, really, the best “beach ready” body is one that is healthy enough to make it to the beach, right?    

Step #3:  Don’t forget to grab your sunglasses!

Did you know that over time, the sun’s rays can damage the eyes and surrounding skin? So much so that this can sometimes lead to vision loss and conditions from cataracts and macular degeneration to eye and eyelid cancers. Yep, it’s true. Fortunately, sun glasses that protect your eyes are not hard to find or expensive to buy.

Because, really, the best “beach body” is one that can enjoy the gorgeous views of the ocean and kids frolicking in the waves, isn’t it? 

Step #4:  Pick the right bathing suit for you

What is the right bathing suit for you? Is it one that is flattering, comfortable, provides good support? No, actually. It’s the one that you happen to have in your drawer when the opportunity to go to the beach comes up.

Because, really, women should not have to be mentally harassed (by magazines or our own psyche) before being able to enjoy the beach! 

So there you go. That, my friends, is how you get your body ready for the beach!

P.S. Are you disappointed that I didn’t suggest you needed to cover your stretch marks with self-tanner? Or that you need to do far more crunches before even considering putting a bathing suit on? Or maybe perhaps that you should wear a certain style of suit because you happen to be living in a certain body? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You’ve probably already had your share of body-shaming already and the season has just started.


  1. Love.This.
    It’s fabulous advice for sure. p.s. I have a great hat!

  2. Big sis, you are fabulous no matter what hat you wear!

  3. I. Love. This. And I happen to have a fabulous sun hat 😉

  4. Yes! So much nonsense about this and I thank you for wonderfully putting it in perspective. One of the many, many, many things I love about aging is the acquired realization that what other people think (especially about my and your beachiness) is actually pretty inconsequential. In my neighbourhood, I used to be one of two (redheaded) moms always walking to pick up the kids while wearing a broad-brimmed hat. For the last few years I have been the only one, while four neighbourhood kids have carried on without a mother.

  5. RAH! At our house beach ready means making sure you’re wearing something that you don’t mind getting sandy, grabbing the key to the beach gate and stumbling through the stampede of ever excited dogs and kids to let them out…oh and a cocktail so you can sit and watch said kids and dogs on a comfortable rock or a portable chair…skin protection/hats are sometimes optional depending on the time of day and the weather but bug spray is often required.

  6. My favourite part of getting summer-ready is purchasing a new wide-brim hat for afternoons in the garden. Great post! :)

  7. This is such a great post! Solid advice with lost of body positive vocabulary. I’m feeling ready for the beach already. 😀

  8. Oh and don’t forget the SPF lip chap!

    It’s frustrating to see those articles, especially with summer being right around the corner. Unless you’re someone who is close to a “beach body” as it is (meaning you just have to lose some bloat), realistically you are not going to get there in time. We put too much pressure on ourselves.

    This summer I’m eating maintenance calories to give my body a break, this way I can enjoy cocktails on the deck and hot dogs (I love hot dogs).

  9. This is SERIOUSLY the BEST advice on how to get beach body ready that I have EVER received! YES to the wide brimmed hat! YES to the oversized and fabulous shades. Yes to the cream – and YES to the bathing suit that works for me! I’m actually enlightened to make an appearance at the beach this summer (unlike last! Haha!). Thanks for such great tips!

  10. I can’t WAIT for the beach. I do find have difficulty finding swimsuits that I feel comfortable in.. but i’m working on it!

    • I know! I think there has been many 5 years of my whole adult life where I actually felt comfortable in a bathing suit. But it’s just so crazy to think of all the fun I missed out on because I was sitting around being insecure. It’s an internal mental battle every season :(

  11. Great tips! I really should get a wide brim hat. As for buying a new bathing suit…….nooooo! Lol, I find that torture.

  12. I have been looking for a wide brimmed hat for so long! I absolutely agree with being good to you skin – lots of sunscreen :)

    • It *is* hard to find wide-brimmed hats! No idea why. But when you come across one that you like, it’s best to nab because you never know when you’ll find another one again!

  13. Ok I want the beach body but I really want the beach too! The right bathing suit is always a challenge but worth the effort I think

  14. Great tips! I have been searching for the right wide brimmed hat and have yet to find one, but I will not rest! And thanks for not saying it is time to get waxed…all over, LOL

  15. Would love to constantly get updated outstanding web blog!


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