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Get Your Memories Off Your Hard Drive!

This post is to encourage you … motivate you … and gosh, darn it, INSPIRE you to get your memories off of that computer hard drive and out in the open where you and your family can enjoy them!

Printed Books

Creating a printed book with your memories is actually easier these days than printed out your photos and putting them into a photo album. Oh sorry … do you forget what a photo album is? (Is this like a rotary dial phone and I’ll need to show you a picture to jog your memory?)

This is a photo album. You’re welcome.


Remember when I told you about Blurb Books?   This post is actually my way of procrastinating on this very matter!  Kick me in the butt, now, please! Coffee with Julie reader Louise was the lucky winner of that $50 gift certificate to create a gorgeous printed book of her wedding memories. I’m sure she’s got it all done and wrapped under the tree for her special sweetheart (if not Louse, I’m sure you’re enjoying this little dose of guilt. I mean, what female doesn’t love an extra tablespoon of guilt, really?)

Now, I did tell you how fabulous Blurb Books were, so I want to share with you what an actual Blurb book looks like!

Dani from Postcards from the Mothership said I could share one of hers with you. She’s done TWO already. But don’t feel bad, she is a bit of an over-achiever.

If you need more convincing about Blurb Books, check out Lynn’s post on her Blurb Blook progress too. As for us, how about you and I aim for one before New Year’s Eve strikes its bell?

Now, listen, I’m posting this up on a Saturday so that if you’re feeling really ambitious you can use this promo code and create a book tomorrow — Sunday, the day of rest (stop laughing). This code is valid if you order by December 10th:  GIFTIDEAAnd it will give you 25% off your entire order, with a maximum total discount of $150 Canadian. Go for it!

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are another favourite way to get photos out in the open and really enjoy them! I shared with you my gallery wall and I can honestly say that seeing it greet me every day when I get home from work makes me happy. It just really makes me feel “home.”

Needless to say I was not only happy but very flattered to receive this email from Sarah, a Coffee with Julie reader and frequent commenter.

Just wanted to let you know that your blog post a few months back about your art wall inspired me to finally get around to doing my own!  funny thing….. when I was looking for further inspiration, I googled “photo galleries over couches” and was scanning through the photos that came up….. and your wall/sofa appeared with them! it was a “full circle” moment!

anyway, here is a photo of my own wall….. since I don’t have a blog i thought i’d share it with you….. it wasn’t easy, but it’s done.  some of my favorite photos of various holidays we’ve taken as a family!

thanx for the inspiration!

Sarah is an avid traveler who’s taken her family not only to kids’ destinations like Great Wolf Lodge, but also through Europe, frequent trips to New York City, and most recently on an Arctic Cruise. So, she definitely has some amazing memories that need to get off her hard drive and out where she and her family can enjoy them! (Oh, she’s also a photographer. More reasons to share those photos!) Here is the picture she sent me of her gallery wall. I just love the balance she’s struck in the placement of the smaller frames and the larger ones.

Sarah’s Art Wall

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Photos — actual, printed photos — really are the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’re struggling to find the gift for the person who seems to have everything already, or working with a tight budget, you can’t go wrong with celebrating and creating memories. Don’t you agree?


  1. thanks for including my wall on your blog, Julie! the closest thing to being in “House &  Home” that I will ever get to! interior design is not my strong suit, but I am happy with how the gallery turned out! 
    as for photo books, I have MANY and love them! I am constantly encouraging my cilents & friends to print their best photos, in whatever format they like. It concerns me that so many people have all their memories stored on their computers, or on cd’s.   It is not a safe/accessible way to store your photos for future generations to enjoy, whereas a photo album can last hundreds of years.

  2. Julie, love your art wall.  I was visiting with Sarah today and we were discussing how I want to do a family photo wall in my upstairs hallway.  This will be my project for the new year (I will have to add it to the list).  Also, the photo books are on the list.  I do, however, have printed off all the photos of the twins for the year they were born and put them in the old fashion photo album- yeah for me!!

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