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School for Bloggers: I don’t see sleep anywhere on this BlogHer agenda (#BlogHer10)

I started up this blog just over a year ago as an outlet for personal writing — the kind of writing that doesn’t take place during my work day in corporate communications. I envisioned it as my own little creative and social sandbox for my free time.

But what I didn’t realize then was just how much I would enjoy playing in this sandbox. And I think the reason I love being in this space so much is because it’s a constant learning joy ride. I was that kid who loved school and I feel like I’ve signed up for a graduate degree in social media.

That’s why I registered for the BlogHer conference. Well, that and the fact that it was taking place in New York City. It was an irresitible combination.

When I’m in New York, I can’t help but think of the saying “the city that never sleeps.” Where I live with my family, I can stand on my deck outside at 9 pm and look up at a deep black sky filled with bright stars and a night air filled with silence. It’s easy to fall asleep because you don’t feel like you’re going to miss out on anything. But here in NYC, I lay in bed at the hotel last night and I could hear the non-stop action taking place in the streets. I pulled the blinds back at 2 am and city lights were twinkling everywhere from the 18th floor of my room.

New York City always brings a buzz. And with 2,500 bloggers descending upon this hotel and its conference spaces, the buzz is palable.

The conference itself has been sold-out for five consecutive years. It’s my first year and I’m told that its promises of hands-on learning, rich discussions, and opportunities to meet bloggers and the brands that support us all hold true.

It’s going to be a great few days. But I don’t see sleep anywhere on the agenda.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it upon your return. Have fun!

  2. Don’t waste your time sleeping:)

  3. I’d say, have fun, but I’m sure you will.

  4. I agree! have a great time! and DON’T waste time with sleeping no matter how tempting a full night sleep seems, there will be time for that yet!

  5. Yup, have fun and meet new people. Blogging is not just writing, it’s also a social thing. 😉

  6. I’m late to this post (obviously), and well I had breakfast with you in New York – though we barely got to talk. How is that? Oh yes, the chaos that is BlogHer. The mind-numbing chaos. I’m eager to chat with you about your impressions. I hope it was all that you wanted it to be.

    And I’m thinking of you!!

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