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I look different

I’ve been to two events recently and many people commented that they didn’t recognize me. So I should explain that I look different. (And I’d also like to warmly welcome anyone who’s new here from the Blog World Expo event in New York City as well as to my awesome local blogger community here in Ottawa from last night’s Blog Out Loud Ottawa event!)

The photo in my blog’s “About” box in the right-hand column of the homepage was taken when I first started this blog (which I think was 2009; I need to look that up I guess). I hired Andrea Tomkins of A Peek Inside the Fishbowl to take it, as she ran a photography business then. And I love the photos she took, so I’ve been in no rush to replace it.

From a 2009 photo shoot with my friend and photographer Andrea Tomkins.

From a 2009 photo shoot with my friend and photographer Andrea Tomkins.

But, really, here is what I look like now. I snapped this photo just now using my laptop. One thing you’ll notice is that I almost always have dark circles under my eyes.  These, however, never show in a professional photographer’s photos! I’ve also been growing my hair out for years now. It is such a slow process. My hair does not like to grow (and I also get bored and sometimes derail my progress at the hairdresser’s). To help me from getting distracted from growing it, I change the colour a lot. Right now, it’s red. Not blonde, like the photo on my blog’s homepage.

So there you have it. No excuse for not recognizing me now! :)


  1. I did notice you look different than even the last time I saw you, and I absolutely love your hair! You look great as a red head.

  2. Heather Millar says:


  3. Sorry about that!  :-)

  4. I think your hair is also longer, isn’t it? Plus new glasses. You look fabulous.

  5. I think your hair looks super cute on you! Both the colour, and the cut. :)

  6. The Maven says:

    You looked lovely last night! And your outfit was adorable. I recognized you (obviously!)

  7. You look like a million bucks. Fabulous. (Just not like the pic I had seen…: ) Next time I’ll say hi and hopefully we can chat. (Warning: I’m a hugger.) 

  8. I’ve been loving your hair lately!! But I guess I will always recognize my big sis!!

  9. shannonmolenaar says:

    You look great!
    You do look like a different person!! Glasses/haircut are a total makeover (make under?)!!!!
    I should wear my contacts more often!

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