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I may not be writing, but I’m always reading

Between work, and illness and, oh … that little time-consuming thing called child-rearing, my moments of blogging bliss have been very infrequent. But just because I’m not blogging, that doesn’t mean I’m not reading blogs!

Blogs are perfect for snack-bites of exquisite writing. And one of the best things about blogs is that you can find writing that is not found anywhere else — topics that mainstream media simply doesn’t cover. The intimate perspectives shared on blogs are truly priceless and increase my understanding of the world I live in.

Here are some that have touched me recently:

Fat and pregnant: 10 weeks
In this post, Arwyn of Raising My Boychick, talks about those glorified “belly bump” photos. She speaks to the topic in both a political and personal way, and I appreciated hearing her voice. 

Lost dreams of motherhood
This is a story of miscarriage. Andrea K. Paterson shares what miscarriage is like, and how she felt very angry that no one had shared this information with her before experiencing it on her own.

The difference between you and me: raising disabled children
If I find it exhausting raising two able-bodied children, how does some like the Redneck Mommy manage to get through the day? Well, she tells me what it’s like — straight-up, as is her style.

Parents in the capital
Here, Finola gives an intimate view into the lives of parents with young children. She manages to capture the truth so perfectly, and with such kindness and humour.  

Now, that’s just a taste of my RSS reader … ones that came to mind immediately. Click on a link and have a read; see if it touches you like it touched me. And if you have one to share, please do!

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  1. Julie, I am completely honoured for this. Thank you so much.

  2. I’m with you Julie- I wish there was more time for blogging! I’m also so behind on my reading, and with so much great content I don’t know when I’ll catch up!

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