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I Never Thought I Would Say This: Britney Spears and I Have Something in Common

This is crazy. But apparently Britney Spears and I have something in common.

Unfortunately, it’s not her insane wealth, nor her bikini-worthy body. (Although fortunately it’s not her bad taste in men or suppliers of hair extensions.)

What I’ve noticed lately is that when it comes to Britney, what people are talking about is this:

Britney Spears making a funny face

That she makes funny faces.

I never thought that much of them. But if you google “Britney Spears + funny faces” (why yes, I do spend my spare time in productive ways … what’s it to ya?), there are more than 28 million results! That is a whole lot of people that think Britney makes amusing faces when she’s on the X-factor panel.

Three funny faces by Britney Spears


Okay, back to me.

I was on a panel at WordCamp last weekend. I asked my friend Andrea to take a few photos for me on her phone. And low and behold, I don’t have a single normal face in any of them!

panelist at wordcamp

I think me and Brit Brit could be good friends. She really should ring me up sometime.


  1. Amanda Jette says:

    I make weird faces all the time too! So, more importantly, you have something in common with ME.

  2. Adam Harrison says:

    Looks like a sweet Karaoke session! Were you singing a love song?

    • Sweet Caroline … bah! bah! baaaa!

      • Valha-me Deus!Estive uns diazinhos “fora do ar”, venho fazer uma visitinha de médico, e já vi que vou ficar por aqui a tomar chá.Vi e revi este vídeo e sei lá eu…São tantas, tão bonitas e talentosas.Bem, retirando as mais antigas que não conheço,distingo 5, penso que de gerações diferentes:a Jeanne Moreau, Simone Signoret e Catherine Deneuve.Juliette Binoche e Isabelle Adjani.Beijinhos e parabéns por esta ideia.Gostei mesmo.

  3. multitestingmommy says:

    LOL your title peaked my curiosity! That would be me too – weird looking faces when caught on camera!

  4. Great post title – I was intrigued! That clip of Brit turning her head is a bit terrifying!

  5. holliepollard says:

    I make weird faces all the time that is why I like to behind the camera.

  6. Hahahaaa! I love Brittany’s funny faces. I always have weird faces in photos too – it’s what makes us special, right? :)

  7. Too funny! Great blog – love the title! And I’m sure you two could be best buds – you’d have lots of fun, anyway! 😉

  8. KidsOnAPlane says:

    Hahahah! You can have a funny face battle with Brit Brit next time she stops by!!


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