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I’m a twit

I’ve been curious about Twitter for a while now. Although I’m completely captivated by social media,  I’ve been holding off on joining because it just seemed like one more way for me to suck time out of my day.

But this week I joined. My brother’s response was “It was inevitable.” My husband’s response was “Just be careful what you ‘put out there’.” My response? I’m still undecided.

On the one hand, it is really fun to exchange quick little snippets back and forth. Especially between other bloggers that I enjoy. But on the other hand, it is like sitting yourself in front of that guy who is always trying to prove how clever he is. It’s a constant flow of snappy little quips and  self-promotion.

It also has a wierd non-stop popularity contest feel about it. As soon as you sign up for Twitter, you choose who you want to “follow” and other people will choose if they want to be your “follower.” I understand the use of the word “follow” — it is more accurate than “friend,” after all — but still …  it’s kind of funny, isn’t it? I am a follower. I have followers.

It’s official — I’m a twit. Are you?

If you’re on Twitter, let me know. I’ll be your follower! Just put your handle in my comments section.


  1. Hi Julie – You already know me on Twitter, though I didn’t realize you had only just started. I like all the updates from friends and bloggers, but I most appreciate the updates from CBC, CBC Ottawa and other people who disseminate real information. I get a lot of news, weather and Ottawa event information from Twitter in almost real time. Also Health Canada posts Tweets about recalls about new health issues.

  2. coffeewithjulie says:

    Finola – yes, the news updates do seem really valuable. Sometimes overwhelming in their number, but great to get the in almost real time. See you on Twitter!

  3. I find it’s kind of like chat rooms, a lot of crap but from time to time you find out interesting things.

    I’m enjoying it more now that I have time…

  4. You have only been on Twitter for a week and you have 174 followers?
    You totally rock :)

  5. No. I signed up once, but never went back. I can barely come up with things to post on my FB status. I can’t imagine what I’d share as tweets. I’m way too long winded for something like that I think

  6. I will admit that I was an early joiner of Twitter – not sure why, just sort of stumbled up on it and other bloggers I knew were “doing it” too. I felt exactly like you at first – I hated the popularity feel of it. But I stuck with it and sort of came and went over the months. I think I joined in April almost two years ago!!

    Now I only follow people who don’t annoy me (relating to your self-promotion comment – I hate too much of that!), who add value to my day, and who I enjoy reading. I love getting news updates and I follow a lot of local Ottawa organizations. I actually rarely use Facebook anymore – there is less emotional investment on Twitter :)

  7. I’m turtle_head. I twitter like, once a week. But it’s really MEANINGFUL.

  8. Leslie Norkum says:

    Oh yeah-I’ve just joined it…scary as it is…

  9. i’ve been on for a while but like lynn, i only really check things out once a week or so. i did have fun following and tweeting during the golden globes.


  10. Follow these rules, and you’ll be fine :)

  11. I am also new to Twitter but not a huge fan – yet. I appreciate the news updates and feeling more connected to the goings on in Ottawa…but I sporadically tweet. (That sounds rude doesn’t it?) I just discovered your blog via Finola’s blog – nice to meet you! :)


  12. Thanks for all your comments and Twitter handles/names … I think I’ve found you all now!!!

  13. Brendan – yikes! I think I’ve broken all those rules already hahah!

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