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It’s December. Christmas is now allowed.

This is how I feel about Christmas when I see all the gaudy decorations and hear those brain-screeching carols before December has even hit:

Seriously. This ornament is just so perfect (with big props to Coffee with Julie reader Giulia for sharing this with me today!). I am a total Grinch about Christmas in October. And November. Only come December do I feel that Christmas is actually allowed. Thank you very much.

But I am not a total Ba-humbug. I just don’t like all the ruckus to start too early. To prove it, I will share what I put up on my door this past weekend.

It’s made from fresh greenery and smells fantastic. I actually bought it ages ago from a neighbourhood kid who was selling them for hockey fundraising. It was $20, which seems like a decent deal actually and it was delivered right to our door this past week. To hang it, I followed the instructions that Michael Penney shared on his blog by using a simple piece of red ribbon that I found at Michaels.

Let the Christmas craziness begin!


  1. agree 100%,  Julie.  i actually get offended when i see Christmas decorations in the stores before Rememberance Day…even went so far as to complain once to a store manager that is was disrepectful to the veterans.  (maybe that was a bit far, but it bothers me)  once i see December on the calender i get into it all…… but i am always later with putting my tree up etc… as for seeing Santa, the closer to the big day, the better!


    p.s. what does “meh” mean??

    • Coffee with Julie says:

      Meh is a bit of internet slang that I love. It basically means indifference or a shrug of the shoulders. 

      • thanx…. that’s been stuck in my brain.

        Me Excellent Hugger
        My Elegant Horse
        Mark Every Hanging……ornament with an internet saying that we non-techies don’t get!

        Merry Christmas Julie!


        p.s. picked up my Mom’s memory mosaic……. gorgeous!!!

  2. If I were religious I would say ‘amen’.


  3. Pauline from Brightest Blue says:

    I agree wholeheartedly about disliking how stores rush the season and Sarah, it is disrespectful to veterans! Good on ya for complaining! :) December=Christmas and all its pandamonium!

    That’s a nice wreath!

  4. I definitely don’t like when holidays start early. For example our superstore had Easter & Valentines decorations in on Jan 1st and they were still trying to clear out Christmas decorations! The only thing I like about Christmas  showing up early, is the excitement factor. Hearing a little Christmas music in the mall in LATE October gives me something to look forward to in December! Great post! 

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