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It’s Friday, Friends. Find Some Time Alone.

I would like to have more time alone with my husband. This weekend, I’m in luck. My in-laws are watching our kids and Hubby and I will have TWO WHOLE NIGHTS alone. I am struggling to recall the last time we had two nights alone. I think it might have been four years ago when we attended a friend’s out of town wedding. But even then, it might have only been one night. I just can’t remember.

Do you ever manage to get time alone with your special someone?

P.S. Whatever happened to Tiffany?

P.P.S. Remember all my hair angst? Well, I kept the length but coloured it red. More of a ginger, actually. There’s photos on my Coffee with Julie facebook page if you’re curious.


  1. Lucky you Julie!!  Are you getting out of town?  
    Our twins are 3 and 1/2 and due to health issues, we’ve only been away from them for one night together. However, it seems Daddy has been away for more than a few mini-vacations.  Why is it Daddy’s always have it easier ?!

    • coffeewithjulie says:

       @mariaf Hi Maria – Oh, I can only imagine how much more challenging it is when your kids have health issues. Hubby will take a mini-vacay on his own, and I will do the same, but we just rarely get away together. In your case, you need and deserve to take that mini-vacation for yourself too! Even if you have to do it alone or with a girlfriend, it’s worth it!

  2. tweepwife says:

    How wonderful. As I write, we have had a whole night alone and, in our house, that is more unusual because of my  mother than our teens. She lives in an in-law suite in our home and it is a great arrangement for everyone and we love her. But last night both our kids were in Toronto and my  mother was with my sister – the house was ours!. We had dinner, saw the movie Hope Springs (which is great for a couple like us who have been married a long time especially) and we slept in little, had coffee by the river. Ahhhh. The sheer joy. 

    • coffeewithjulie says:

       @tweepwife Ahhhh … sometimes it’s really what a couple needs, isn’t it? It was the best. weekend. ever. 

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