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Let’s Get This Party Started

Dear Cassie,

Okay, so it’s no party. Or at least, it’s a party no one wants to get invited to. And it kicks off today.

But let’s get this chemo started up and get that cancer out of you. The sooner you start, the sooner you can “Ring the Bell.” The tradition of ringing a bell when your final chemo treatment is complete is something I didn’t know about. But I watched this short docu-video created by a Andrea Ross and Mark Blevis, a local Ottawa couple who have survived and thrived through and beyond Andrea’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

And I also watched the video below, and wanted to share it with you and with anyone else reading this blog who is starting on their own journey with cancer.

Today it starts, but there’s a tomorrow where you’ll be ringing that bell. In the meantime, we’ll be here. To provide support and celebrate all victories.


Edited on Friday, February 24th to add: Cassie emailed me to share: “My poison party has been good so far…one day at a time. Can’t say enough about the care we are given.”


  1. Sarah McCormack says:

    sending many many postive thoughts in your friend’s direction.  it is a battle, but a winnable one. there are so many winners. 

  2. Thinking of your friend and hoping all goes as well as it possibly can. My best way is halfway through chemotherapy for breast cancer, and it has been a rocky, emotional and turbulent ride. I cannot wait until she rings that bell. I simply CANNOT! xoxo

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