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Meaningful Gifts at Christmas: Have You Ever Considered Giving a Goat? You Should! #PlanGOH


I’m not particularly religious; so for me, Christmas is about children and the spirit of giving. That’s why I am excited to talk about Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope program, which lets you give meaningful gifts by helping children in developing countries.

Each of the Gifts of Hope are unique and bring real change to children in communities around the world. For example, one of the gifts that you can give is a goat. That’s right – a goat! The $75 for a goat goes provides training in raising and breeding the goats.

In particular, I think most of us struggle to find meaningful ways to express our gratitude to that special tutor, piano teacher, sports coach, or bus driver. These people can really make such a difference in our children’s lives, so it always feels good to say thank-you at this time of year. Plus, since these people obviously care deeply about children, you can be certain that they will appreciate a gift that creates meaningful change in a child’s life – and all for as little as $10!

You can choose from over 40 impactful gifts. Here are a few of my personal favourite Gifts of Hope:

  • Bed Nets: This gift provides bed nets to families, offers training in how to use them, and protects the lives of almost 7 million people in developing countries, where malaria infections threaten lives year-round.
  • Baby Chicks: More than just seriously cute, baby chicks bring powerful income-generating ability for a family. This gift is irresistibly sweet and undeniably life-changing.
  • Clean Water for Families: Community-based water solutions, including training on proper sanitation, brings clean water – and peace of mind – to families.

Why not take a visit to the Gift of Hope site and see which gifts are your favourites?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Plan Canada. 


  1. My book club did this the last few years. Makes so much more sense than buying CRAP for each other. Great post, Julie.

  2. I have given Plan Canada gifts to my kids teachers. they really appreciate the conversation it starts with the class and they definitely already have enough travel mugs! Going to go browse the site now!

  3. I love initiatives like this. I love to give back especially during the holidays. Last year I gave to a favourite charity of mine in lieu of gifts for a few family members. Best thing I ever did. :)

  4. Ok, firstly, I love your title. I know it was written in humour, but it made me laugh. I do love this initiative though! Great way to give back and know it is going to a great place!

  5. This is a fabulous initiative! Knowing what you are doing to help can make it more motivating to participate! Great idea!

  6. We usually give soccer balls or school supplies via World Vision as teacher’s gifts at Christmas. We buy something personal for the teachers at the end of the year, but we like to do something for children at Christmas time. It also makes a super grandparent gift from kids too. Love this!

  7. Same as Finola….. we always donate in our teachers names at Christmas through WV… usually school supplies or something education related. have done for 5 years and will continue this tradition.

  8. Wow, a couple of highly valid suggestions! I appreciate you writing this article and the rest of your internet site is perfect!

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