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My Mom and I went to National “We Day”!

we day

Hi everybody! It’s me, Stella! I know that I have no published anything on the blog for a while … umm … because I have homework to be done, books to be read, dragons to be drawn, legos to build, trees to be climbed, and other important business. I promise that I will try and write for the blog more often.

Anyways, the real post is about We Day.

We Day is an event created by Free the Children to celebrate youth who are working for change. Not “change” in your pocket that you buy bubble gum at the candy store with, but change in the world — like food at food banks and clean water and education in developing countries. And speaking of change (the kind in your pocket), if you want to go to We Day, you don’t reach into your wallet because you can’t buy a ticket. All tickets to We Day must be earned by doing one local service and one global service. (Unless you are part of the media, like my Mom and I were. Below is a picture of me in the Media Room at We Day.)


I was looking forward to We Day because I had heard that there were lots of cool speakers and it is a really positive experience. And what I had heard was all true! Some of my favourite parts from this year’s We Day were when everyone did the “We dance” (careful not to hit anyone in the face!) and when Spencer West spoke. He’s really cool. I also really liked hearing and seeing Hannah Alper, who writes the blog because she’s like me — we’re both 11 years old and short for our age :)


My absolute favourite speaker was Martin Luther King III because his speech was really interesting.


We Day was great, and now I want to support Free the Children.

Free the Children has many campaigns and events for their causes. Some are to help people right here in Canada and others are to help people around the world. There are 5 global causes: one for education, one for clean water, one for food and agricultural security, one for medical treatment and one for alternative income solutions. Here is their website ( if you are interested in supporting Free the Children too.

See you soon,



  1. Great post Stella! It was fun to run into you and your mom at We Day. :)

  2. I am glad you were inspired by “We Day”. It is kids like you who will make a difference in this world.. of that I am sure!! great post :)

  3. I’m glad you had such a great day Stella. Nice post!

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