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“Month of Me” post #004: Photo Recap of the Fun Stuff from Day One of the She’s Connected Conference

Howdy everyone!

So yesterday started off very bright and early (actually, why is it “bright” and early because, really, it’s “dark” when you need to get up early, isn’t it?)! Me and my bloggy buddy Andrea (otherwise known as @missfish and she is AWESOME  and she totally didn’t lock the keys in her car) drove to Toronto to attend the first day of the She’s So Connected Conference.

We had planned to arrive just in time to hear the opening keynote, but alas, we were a touch late. Thankfully, we did catch the end-half though, because it was given by Sheryl Connelly, who works with Ford Motor Company as a Futurist. Yes, a Futurist — fascinating, dream job, me thinks. She was very articulate and had an excellent presentation deck to share with us, so I was relieved that we had managed to squeeze ourselves into the back of the room.

Then, after the keynote, there was a lot of mixing and networking to kick off Day One. Here’s a photo recap of some of the fun stuff.

Ford Canada did a great job with their set-up here at She’s So Connected. There was “car-eoke” where you could sing karoke while sitting in a red sports car, test drives of their auto-parking feature, and tons of others things. One of my faves though was this video race set-up. I tried it and crashed so many times, it was hilarious. Here, my buddies Lara Wellman and Andrea Tomkins are having a go.

I have no idea who these weiners are!

Friends from our Ottawa social media contingent enjoying nice, cold Molson Canadian 67 Sublime beers, which has a new lime and lemon twist that I liked.

But as much as a enjoyed this light beer all on its own, I have to say that this cocktail, made with beer and not spirits was even better! It was crushed ice, frozen blueberries, simple syrup and a top of beer and a sprig of basil. Mmmm….

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the #ShoesConnected after-conference party at the Town Shoes flagship store on Toronto’s Bloor Street. It was two-floors of good times …. fancy finger foods, wine, music, and shoes-shoes-shoes!

After a good long look around at all the shoes (I won’t even go into the bags … oh, they were nice too!), I decided that these Miz Mooz boots were my true love. But alas, I held to my budget and did not make the purchase (you are proud of me, aren’t you??!)


  1. Great story but of course, the photo is the best!
    Enjoy T.O.


  2. Kelly Rusk says:

    Shoulda bought the boots!!! (haha sorry!) but seriously, love them! Do you think they are at Town Shoes in Ottawa? *scheming face*

  3. those shoes are wicked!

  4. That cocktail looks good!

  5. Tonia Hammer says:

    So glad you enjoyed the cocktail :)  Great post, great conference.  (And great shoes….well done will power!)
    Tonia aka @molsontonia

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