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My head is really big

My head is so big, it’s practically toppling off my neck at the moment. Here’s why:

An unexpected shout-out!

I like to poke around Girl about O-town’s blog because she always seems to know what new funky things are going on around Ottawa. Not the same ol’ stuff — fresh, interesting stuff! I love admiring great design — paper, home, web — and as it happens, not only does she as well but she also creates a lot too. So much so, she just left her job and jumped out into the brave new world of entrepreneurship as a design coach. Anyhow, back to me … so I go and check out her new post and boom! There is my banner right there, front and centre. Wow, was I flattered! My head expanded just a teeny-tiny bit.

A new blogging gig!

A while back I received an email via my blog. This happens, and people try to sell you their secrets to riches or large penises — whatever you might happen to fancy. But this email was different. It was from a man named Christopher Holt. Unlike the other emails I get, he and his partners had clearly read my blog. And — get this — were inviting me to be a part of a brand new e-magazine. How could I not be flattered by that?

But for me, it got even better … the group starting up this e-magazine, called Life As A Human, are Canadian. A genuinely friendly and earnest group that includes, in addition to Christopher as Vice-President, Gil Namur as CEO and Kerry Slavens as Editor in Chief. The official launch for Life As A Human is February 1st — this Monday! (Before it launches, you can still click on the logo in the right-hand column for a chance to win $250!) So it’s all pretty exciting. This LAAH gang is all out West, so hubby and I are hanging our hopes on its outrageous success so that we can finally move out and buy our Gulf Islands cottage with art studio in the back. Can you hear my head creaking under the pressure?



I’m nominated for a weblog award!

I’ve never been nominated for an award before, so this is super cool! And I didn’t even have to pay anyone off (well, not that much, anyhow). It’s for a 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards! As you can imagine, my head is practically bursting now!

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee


But here is how I REALLY know my head is getting out of proportion. Stella made this comment about my head, completely out of no where:

This morning, I am trying to get Max’s attention.

“Huh,” I say. “He just doesn’t seem to want to look me in the eye.”

Stella responds: “Maybe because you’re a medusa. Maybe that’s why.”

Hubby starts backing away out the door, chuckling as quietly as he can manage while still breathing.


  1. Awesome accolades and not at all surprising! Well deserved, congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations to you!! I’m looking forward to checking out your work at Life. :)

  3. CONGRATS!!!! Definitely well-deserved! You do awesome blogging and awesome work, no matter what! Will be great to see you win awards and get published elsewhere and eventually become Queen of the Blogosphere (or something like that). Honestly, it couldn’t happen to a better person!

  4. LOL and Congrats…

  5. Thank you back! A reverse shout out?! I love it. Anyhoo…congrats on the other stuff too! I’ll have to check out ‘Life as a Human’. Very intriguing.

    Oh, and I’m adding art studio to your list.

  6. And I can say I knew you when! I’m like one degree removed from your big head. That makes me as awesome as that guy Madonna is boffing. I like it when I can make something all about you, all about me! Congratulations

  7. AWESOME. You are rockin’ it.

    p.s. I love girlaboutOtown too. She is delightful. Maybe we three could coffee sometime???

  8. Jacqueline says:

    I am so proud of you. Honored to be your friend and confidant. Amazing job – not at all surprising to me. I always thought you had a gift that others would surely see one day or another. If you move to BC that would really help us out because there is no room at the Elburn shack for the Davis family anymore:(.
    Love you – congrats my friend.

  9. Shawn, Finola, Lisa, Nat and XUP — thanks for the congrats despite the fact that I have kinda made you say it by blabbing all over my blog! haha!! I love you though for saying it anyhow! :)

    Girl about O-town & Andrea – I look forward to that coffee! Big time.

    Jacqueline – It’s amazing that you could see a “gift,” especially since we spent a good 5 years looking at each other through rum & coke glasses! 😉 You’re the best darn friend a girl could have. And in two years time, when I make that $10 from blogging, the coffee will be on me!

  10. Your hubby sounds like a wise man..hehe. Congrats on the big head too, sounds like you have earned every cm. Here’s to continued success!

  11. Huge WOO HOOs to you, from one Ottawan to another!! Wow! Is there such a thing as too much good news?? Nah!!


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