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Pillow Talk

pillows, pillows, pillows!


Okay, I want to talk pillows. (What, did you think I was talking about something else?? No, I really mean pillows! This is not a book review for Fifty Shades of Grey … sorry to disappoint.)

Like most things related to “home decor,” I have never taken an interest until we moved into a new family home last June. Whereas before I was addicted to stalking the MLS Guide for my favourite neighbourhoods, now I am addicted to stalking home decor magazines — both online and print. And of course I am steadily racking up a ton of new bloggers to read … I just love following their home updates and soaking in some of their creativity.

But back to pillows. I have never gone out and bought throw pillows before. First of all, in our old house, we never planned to keep the sofa since it was in need of retirement, so it seemed a waste to bother buying matching pillows for it. But also, because they are pricey. For one small bit of material and stuffing, you’re looking at anywhere up to $100! Sure, I’ve seen pillows priced at higher than that in design magazines, but the people buying those are certainly not living with children!

If you wander into HomeSense, you can find some great looking pillows for $25. This, however, comes with its own set of hazards. For one, there are so many choices it is hard to focus (I have this trouble in big stores — too much stuff ruins the shopping experience for me). But mostly, when you take that $25 and multiply it to the number of pillows you need to actually make a sofa look like one in a design magazine … well, let’s just say, it’s starting to seem ridiculous. Ridiculous because you just know they are going to end up being used to swat a sibling, rub greasy hands on, and generally take a ton of abuse by the urchins living in the house.

sofa, throw, and pillows


However, on Mother’s Day, my girlfriend Jacqueline and I decided we deserved a little trip over to HomeSense. It wasn’t long before we were posturing about pillows and declaring ourselves “So Sarah!” (you know, Sarah Richardson, who can magically make a collection of random patterns look fabulous together). I walked out of the store with not one throw pillow, but five. Yeah, baby, I have five throw pillows. Look who’s made it to the big time, now!

So, for Mother’s Day, I bought myself pillows. Not a Kobo, as SNL suggested for you Fifty Shades of Grey fans — but pillows. Pillows! Who knew. But I tell ya, I am so darn happy with these pillows it just kills me! So you can keep your Kobo (and I’ll stick with my printed edition <smirk!>).

Here they are in all their glory.

Now I just need a carpet, Cloud White paint, and curtains. Lord help me!


  1. Nataliya @ styleINGwCHildren says:

    awesome pillows on an incredible couch. Please tell me where it’s from! :) 

    • Coffee with Julie says:

      We went to every darn store in all of Ottawa that sold couches before finally getting this one! And now I can’t remember if it was Structube of EQ3 — on Merivale Road. It looks far nicer than our old brown couch, but it sure isn’t as comfortable! :)

  2. Cute choices! I love throw pillows, but the one place I can’t do them is on the bed. You see them in the magazines but I hate the idea of chucking them on the floor every night and putting them back the next morning.

    • Coffee with Julie says:

      Yeah, I hear you on the bed thing. It’s almost like you need a chair in the bedroom just to stack on the pillows on at night! We just have regular pillows on our bed, but my Mom always makes her bedroom look like it’s right out of a magazine and she changes things up seasonally too. I totally dropped off the gene pool lineage I guess … 

  3. andrea again says:

    AND the good thing about throw pillows on a couch is that you can change them up to suit your tastes and the seasons. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to decorate when you think about it… :)

  4. Chantal says:

    I love the chevron ones and the birds!

    • Coffee with Julie says:

      I’m madly in love with chevrons, actually! I have to hold myself back from covering every surface with them at the moment!

  5. pillows are a room-changer! love the ones you chose, looks awesome!

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