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Six Recipes for Peanut-Free, Make-Ahead School Snacks

6 Recipes for Make-Ahead Lunch Snacks

Okay, now that I’ve shared my picks for litterless lunch containers and kits, I think I need to share some recipes for what to put in them! So I’ve rounded-up recipes from my blogging friends for items that are peanut-free and freezable for school lunches.

Enjoy! (And come back and let me know which ones you tried!)

Granola Bars

We all know granola bars are one of the handiest and easiest things to grab for a lunch … but what about the wrappers when it comes to litterless lunches? And what about some of those unpronounceable ingredients? (I dare you to read the ingredients on most granola bars!) For these reasons, I’ve told myself for ages that I will start to make my own for our lunches. Maybe this year will finally be the year with Monica’s recipe. Her recipe offers a lot of flexibility in ingredients, so you can pick and choose according to your family’s tastes.


I think while I’m at it, I’ll need to also try out Lori’s Double Chocolate Granola Bars … not only do they sound and look delicious, but they require no baking and only 5 minutes to make!



Basically, muffins are just mini-cake … and who doesn’t love that, right? I’m terrible in the kitchen and even I can make them, so they score high in my books for that reason alone. It also helps that they are so easy to freeze.

I’d like to break free of the habit of throwing chocolate chips into every recipe for kids. I think Elizabeth’s Browned Butter and Quinoa Peach Muffins look like they’ll do the trick. Plus, my son loooovves peaches!


Speaking of quinoa, I really like sound of Kerrie’s Quinoa Cranberry muffins, which she says are a little bit sweet but also savoury. I do enjoy me some savoury! (Her hubby is a chef, so I love to drool over their recipes, like this delicious Mexican recipe.)


And berries? Yup, berries are healthy. And oatmeal? Yup, oatmeal is healthy. But I am most excited about the fact that Ashley says her Oatmeal Berry Muffins are “easy peasy” — that is my kind of baking!


For something a bit different, I want to also try Jen’s Ham, Egg, and Cheese Muffins. I often struggle to get protein into the lunch box because my son doesn’t care for sandwiches. These might just do the trick!



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