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Spring pick-me-up (for you and for me!)

So, after “going to the cave,” “fulfilling my to-don’t list,” and living in “survival mode” last night, I woke up this morning feeling a bit more recharged already. I even put on a matching outfit today and that kind of perked me up a bit too.

Which reminded me that I have a nice spring me-pick-me up to share with you! Remember how pleased I’d been with the selection and price of the clothes at Mark’s? Well, I have $50 with your name on it to spend at Mark’s. Treat yourself to a little something, why don’t ya’!

Personally, of all the things I have from Mark’s, I am most enamoured by the “jeggings.” These things really suit me: they’re comfortable, look like regular jeans, and the elastic waist band doesn’t give me the muffin top that regular jeans do. I wear them with a long shirt or dress over top at least once a week, including today actually. Like so:

I had to wait until no one at work was in the washroom to take this!

They don’t actually call these puppies “jeggings” at Mark’s, so if you’re looking for them, you’ll need to look for “Womens Contemporary Fit Denim Leggings with Knit Waistband” (but do not — I repeat, do not! — wear these pants as per the photo on the website). And although I am still wearing my  Mark’s Quad Comfort Boots (also worn in the photo above, but you just can’t see them) and Perfect Fit Panties (I will not specifiy if they are pictured in the photo above or not!), I’m going to pick up some more for the new season shortly. So, if I had a $50 gift certificate, that’s probably what I’d be spending it on.

Your chance for a $50 gift certificate to Mark’s

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Mark’s is to check out their Spring Look Book and choose something you’d like to spend your $50 on. Tell me in the comments and you consider yourself entered!

I’ll do a draw using from the comments at noon-ish on May 11, 2011. The contest is open to all Canadian residents and the gift certificate will be mailed to you directly from the PR agency that works with Mark’s.

Your chance to win one of three prize packs all valued at more than $5,000

Mark’s Spring reStyle Contest is a fun contest where men and women from across Canada enter to win by sharing their need for a fashion refresh or upgrade. I thought the prize packs looked especially awesome, so you may want to check it out as well.

To enter and learn more, go to

Bloggy disclosure note: I did not get paid to write this post or promote Mark’s. But I will be receiving a couple of items from the Spring Look Book I told you about above. I hope you know my opinion can’t be bought for the approximately 100 bucks these clothes are worth. (A cool million? Yeah, now we’re talking!)


  1. Ooh Look 9! That’s exactly how I want to look when performing (minus the sky-high pumps). A tight dress pant and long flowy shirt is the ultimate performance wear. Cool!

  2. Definitely look 16 for me, I’ve been rocking the grungy grad student look for too long!

  3. I do not understand the above people who did not pick look #4. It’s clearly the best ever. I am loving on that dress…if I don’t win, I’m going to get it anyway!

  4. 10! Because for the first time in 10 years I have biceps and triceps and plan on rocking tank tops this summer :)

  5. #9 IS me. Love Mark’s, and thanks for the chance to win :)

  6. CARDIGANS!!! I need me some summery cardigans!

  7. Similar to Lynn, I love #4. I don’t usually wear pink but it looks lovely here.

    And “something”, I am interpreting as more than one :)

    Love the pink cardigan of #5.

    #6 looks like a great dress for work/casual for summer.

    Like the sweater on #9

    Like #14 b/c the sweater is long. Great for tall people who hate pulling things down all the time. And those yoga pants look very comfy!

    When did Marks get so…. cool? Last time I went, they were a tacky basics store with stuff lasting only a few months if that.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I like the casual comfort of look 12. My office is quite casual, but it can be really chilly in the summer when the air conditioning is cranked. The lightweight cargo pants and cardigan would be perfect to keep me covered, but at the same time wouldn’t be too heavy when I head back outside at the end of the work day.

  9. I love the shorts on look #5 – not too short but still sexy, can’t wait for summer for them! Would love to see Paul in look #16, naturally we wouldn’t be wearing the 2 outfits at the same time – that would be a little tacky!

  10. I love look #9! I would probably live in the denim leggings.

  11. I love look 4 (the dress is SO CUTE) but I also love a bunch of other ones…clearly I need to head over to Mark’s for a serious spring shopping spree!!

  12. Look #11 is my fav.. I can see myself in the outfit!

  13. It’s a tossup between 2 and 7. Both looks could easily go from the park with the kids, to the classroom as I finish my degree. I might just pop into Mark’s even if I don’t win!

  14. I love look 14, I am all about comfort and yoga pants. Tho I do like pieces of some of the other outfits. Maybe I would mix and match! :)

  15. I like the long sleeve cardigans!

  16. Short shorts and skinny cargos… Feeling the fedora style hats too! Glad you’re feeling a bit perkier. Hopefully the long weekend got you the rest of the way there. <3

  17. look 5 and 6! can’t choose … and also i could go for a pair of those skinny jeans!

  18. Heather T says:

    Love love the Denver Hayes rosette cardigan. Super cute!
    heather at timm dot ca

  19. HollyStar says:

    I love, love, love the slouchy gray bag (ISPIRI Studded Large Handbag). It looks big enough to carry all of my stuff plus a few diaper bag essentials for a quick trip out. I love lots of the other stuff too – cardigans are a wardrobe staple.

  20. Anne-Marie T says:

    I would like to get the Essential Long Hoodie from Look#14

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I like look 12. The skinny cargo pants look great for spring and summer play with the kids, and I could really use a roomy new handbag with a little style.

  22. Ooh, I love the cardigan with the ruffly neck in Look 5. Adorable!

  23. Ooh, definitely look #6! That dress is adorable.

  24. I love #6. I have so many weddings to attend this summer, and not enough dresses!

  25. Love the cute summer dresses…all of them :)

  26. i think i could rock look 9 for work and look 10 for play1

  27. Definitely Look #16. I think it would compliment my cocky/cheeky Intern attitude 😉

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