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Table Lamps for the Bedside Tables – Take 2

two lamp options

Okay, so my niggling feeling that the lamps, no matter how much I liked them, were not “right” for the space was confirmed LOUDLY by all of you yesterday! haha … I love getting your opinions — you guys rock!

One thing was communicated clearly — I need bigger lamps! In particular, Giulia recommended the sizing to be as follows:

“If going for a shade you need something bigger, the top of the lampshade should hit where the the top of your headboard ends for a nice proportion and proper lighting angle.”

In related news, Andrea asked for a photo with a wider angle so that the headboard could be seen. Sure, I had considered that, but then I decided it would mean making my bed all nice and perfect and opted for the tight angle photos. But, your wish is my command (of course ;))

wider angle showing bed and bedside table

The space from the top of the bedside table to the top of the headboard is quite large — 28.5 inches to be exact. So I’d need quite tall lamps.

On the Coffee with Julie Facebook page (we have some good chats there — go on over it “like” it and join in!), Brenda shared this photo of lamps she thought would be perfect. They certainly are gorgeous, aren’t they? They are sold already, from an Etsy store called RhapsodyAttic, but suggest a cool styling that the store calls “Mid Century. Art Deco. Industrial. Gold.”

Giuila also suggested that scones (mmm … scones!) sconces might work nicely in this space. (I would like to have her come out and just do my whole place up really. It would save me so much time and money! She has such a good eye. Plus she isn’t afraid of venturing into Ottawa’s massive Ikea, like I am.)

On the Coffee with Julie twitter space, she shared this photo below for inspiration. I LOVE everything about this photo. And the scones really are the kind of “feel” I was looking for … a little industrial, a little modern, not too fussy.


So there we have it, friends! Great suggestions, but now I will be off to HomeSense to return the lamps from the original post (except for one of the industrial lamps — keeping it for my home office!) and keep up the hunt.

Thank you all so much with your help and opinions! Now, if one of you wants to source some perfect lamps and have them shipped directly here, that would be great.



  1. So, were you hungry when you typed this?

  2. Brenda A. says:

    The pic with the sconces is really nice!

  3. Cheers, here from google, me enjoyng this, will come back again.

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