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Table Lamps for the Bedside Tables

Like most folks, our home decor projects are moving right along at a snail’s pace. But I do have (perhaps) one small piece of progress: Table Lamps for the Bedside Tables.

If you didn’t catch the original post, Hubby crafted bedside tables for us that are a combination of sleek and rustic.

Beside Table

The room has nothing else in it yet except for the master bed, which is constructed entirely from the dark wenge wood you can see above, and a bedside table on each side. No other furniture, no curtains. Nadda. So we’re really starting fresh here.

Initially, my thought was something a bit industrial. So I was really thrilled when I came upon a set of lamps in this style at HomeSense just the other day.

Industrial style bedside table lamp

This lamp was on a Boxing Day sale for $39.99. Total bargain, with the nice details and sturdy construction.

details on industrial lamp

Top finish on industrial style lamp

I really LOVE these lamps and want to keep them. But a little disappointed part of me wonders if they actually work in this space. The silver really pops out — almost too much. I suppose I could work to add silver accents throughout the room on frames and curtain rods. Think about that for me a moment, while I bring you to option #2.

This one is a more traditional style, but not too much so. You’ll have to excuse the plastic wrap on it! The material is a beige linen.

a more traditional style lamp

It also has some really nice details and is a great price at $39.99. I think it blends in more than the first option, but I wonder if maybe it blends in too much. I also wonder if perhaps the table could use a lamp that is larger, and more squat.

Details at the base of the lamp

So what do you think — option #1 or option #2. Or perhaps you don’t think either are a right fit … if so, what should I be looking for?

option 1 and option 2, side by side


  1. Heather Ann says:

    No. Much bigger.

  2. Neither.  Bigger.

  3. Stacerella says:

    I’m not a fan of the skinny one, and pod lamp is more for working right under that light casting. It comes down to how you want to light the room mood-wise and how much light you want it to cast,and where.

  4. I think I’d go bigger too. Upload a wider view that includes your bed so we can see. :)

  5. Bigger and not a task light. The task light won’t give you proper reading light and you’ll have to bend the head over which would make it odd. If going for a shade you need something bigger, the top of the lampshade should hit where the the top of your headboard ends for a nice proportion and proper lighting angle. Have you thought about sconces? That would give you a nice look, you can line the top up with your headboard and you keep the surface clear for more books.

  6. Ditto to what others said. I don’t like the silver and the more traditional one is better colours, but doesn’t look like it will work for bedtime reading. Unless you have an e-reader with a backlight… :-)

  7. LOL! Okay, okay … I get it … I didn’t pick the right lamps! haha! boo!

    But you know, I agree with you all, there is just something “not right” with both choices. *sigh* Off to keep looking I suppose! 

  8. the second one is much better! maybe you should consider LED Strip Lighting

  9. Yes. agree the second one. Your hubby is talented. Love the bedside tables. Lamps are hard. We just completed the sale of our first home and we had it staged. Now I thought I had lamps that were functional and fit our space and then the stager arrived and made the rooms over and I fell hardest for her lamps. They are the thing I will miss the most. I am hopeful I can find more to suit up my new home.

  10. Jennifer H. says:

    I love the side tables. Not too keen on either bed side lamp. Try contrasting the rustic table with a light crystal or glass bead lamp. It looks too pioneer with wood on wood.

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