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Meet the Superhumans

Have you been caught up in the Olympic spirit yet? Although our family doesn’t really follow sports and you won’t find us watching any “big game,” the Olympics draw us right in! And the advertising and marketing is no different. I’ve shared this one on Olympics and mothers already, but have you seen this one on The Super Humans yet?

I’ve watched this video over and over again. I love how it’s gritty, and not sunshine-y.

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Strength.

Now watch this video. I couldn’t help but connect the two in my mind. At about the 1:30 mark, Paula Pert is interviewed.

She calls her “new” leg her “bionic leg.”

And this research in particular sounds so promising! Other exciting break-throughs are also coming out of Ottawa such as this project led by Dr. Stephen Lee.  Both projects are receiving funding from The Ottawa Hospital Foundation. I’ve made a donation in Paula’s name, and if you’d like to join in helping to support this research, you can click on this link and make it happen.

Have a great weekend, friends! I am on the road and will share tidbits from the journey soon.

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