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Winter is Coming (2015 edition)


winter is coming

Winter is coming. And, yes, I’m bracing myself.

Six years ago, I vowed “not to hate” winter. I wasn’t as optimistic to vow to love it or anything crazy like that. Just not hate it. Or hate it as much. Basically, it was like vowing to lose 1 lb when you need to lose 100. But, for me, this 1lb weight loss has really been an effort.

It’s involved an investment in proper winter clothing (no, it’s not flattering and cute, thank you very much). As well as an investment in gear (cross-country and downhill), which has really been a time-saver and a source of comfort.

And yet, I’m still cursing and grouchy about the days getting darker and colder. So much so, that I was even interviewed on CBC’s The Current as a “winter hating Canadian” (ha!).


You can catch the recording on the CBC website here. 

However, I do want to point out that in the interview, she said the temperatures in Norway went as low as -6 degrees Celcius. If we only hit that low, I’d be a nice happy little winter girl too! It sounds rather lovely, actually. I could wear a flattering coat, some boots with a little bit of heel, and a chic scarf.

There was something though from this CBC piece that really gave me some pause. And it’s something that I’m going to work on. It was noted that in Norway, you might step into a pub for a drink and the small talk would be, “doesn’t the snow look beautiful today?”

Now, tell me the truth, when was the last time you heard a Canadian make positive small talk about the weather? We’re always griping about it being too cold (and then, in the summer, people will say it’s too hot!).

This kind of small talk affects people’s outlook as they go about their day. From the morning elevator chat, to the grocery store line-up … if everyone is talking negatively, it’s contagious. When you think about it (which I really hadn’t, before this interview), it’s almost kind of rude to be dropping this kind of negativity all over the place.

So, I am now vowing, amongst my other “Winter Resolution” resolutions dating back to 2009 to avoid negative small talk about winter. Not ALL talk! Just the sort of nonsense small-talk we all do with strangers.

Can I do it? No idea. But if you catch me in the act — call me out!


  1. I wish I could see a real winter! from cuba to florida now, i guess I am never seeing snow!

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