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The Thing About Bra Straps

Bra straps have been on a lot of people’s minds these days. One wouldn’t think that most of us would have much to say about bra straps. But apparently, we do.

As the weather has heated up, and high school kids have switched from their winter wear to summer gear, bra straps are all the rage. Showing them, that is. It’s a style. You wear coloured bras, with coloured straps, and ensure that they show.


Whether or not the high schools should “allow” this in their dress code policies has been up for much discussion as of late. I am of the camp that bra straps are part of your underwear and are meant to be under your clothing. But that’s probably because I’m old, I guess. I mean, really, if I was a teenager and that was the fashion, I’m sure I’d be joining in too. I did do other ridiculous things like safety-pin the bottom of my jeans, so why not show my coloured bra straps, right? And I did wear bras that had cute, thin straps back then … back then in my A-cup, gravity-defying days.

These days, I have rather different concerns about my bra straps. And, frankly, my days of using my spending money on lingerie are so long over. (I’d much rather spend my money on house cleaning or ordering in some dinner!) I have black and beige bras. And if I actually thought about their straps, it would be to consider if they were comfortable enough (not whether they are “cute” enough to show). That’s right — I’m all about comfort now. Sue me; I got old and practical.

It’s not like I’m the first gal to want comfortable bra straps though. The woman in the poster below is thrilled to get straps that have stretch in them. (And she looks a good few years younger than me!) It is hard to believe that bra straps did not have stretch in them before the launch of this Warner’s bra … can you imagine how much a non-stretch strap would dig into your shoulders??! Ugh.

Archival Images - Warner's Stretch

But just because I’m all about the comfort, that doesn’t mean that style has completely gone out the window. So, when I was asked if I wanted to try out the latest bra from Olga, I certainly said “Yes.” (I really like the Olga brand — which is owned by Warner’s and offers sizes from 34C to 42DDD — much to the surprise of the flat-chested teenager I once was.)

The big thing about this new style of bra called On Your Side is that it aims to eliminate “side bulge.” (It’s sort of like “muffin top” but under your arms … haha!) Here is a before and after photo that shows you the difference in this bra’s styling.


I can’t say that I’m all that concerned about side bulge. If I was, that would mean I’d also have to concern myself with front bulge and back bulge too … and well, that’s just getting a little too much to care about!

However, I do like this bra. My favourite features are the elastic-free sides and back, which means that they won’t dig in, and — yep, you guessed it! — the comfortable bra straps. How have I never had a bra with padded straps before?? It’s simply heavenly!

padded straps

So, that, my friends is the thing I have to say about bra straps: MAKE THEM COMFY! That is all.

Disclosure: As you’ve likely gathered, I was sent a bra at no charge for review purposes. The “On Your Side” bra by Olga is approx $40 in value and it’s available in Canada at The Bay stores. 


  1. Hahahah I know exactly what you are talking about with the side bulge! I am going to look into this bra – thanks

  2. Olga bras have been my bra of choice for the past 2 or 3 years. I have the same style in 3 different colors because it just fits so well.

  3. I totally get the side bulge and think that this is a FANTASTIC idea! Totally looking into it!

  4. Yes, make them comfortable, AND make them stay attached! I have a bra where you can cross the straps at the back if you want. Nice feature, but they will randomly pop off at any time. Needless to say it is NOT my favorite bra. I will have to check out the Olga

  5. YES to comfy bras. I was just thinking I may need to try out some new ones. Never heard of this one before. Thanks for saving me the trouble of research!

  6. this look so comfy too! I can’t believe straps didn’t stretch before, that would be brutal!

  7. ” back then in my A-cup, gravity-defying days.” I laughed so hard I almost spit out my coffee… Thanks for this Julie. You speak the truth about having a good bra. I’ll be looking at the Olga ones for sure the next time I am at The Hudson’s Bay store… Great post!

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