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Vignette Attempts: Family Gathering

When we had a family gathering a little while back, I got inspired to try a couple of vignettes with some flowers that had been given to me. They didn’t turn out terrific, but I really enjoy doing them. They are far more difficult to get “just right” than it would seem … mostly they seem to come off over-done or amateurish. So far, I’m in the amateur category!

This is the “Happy Flower” vignette in the front hall. I used a tarnished silver frame from Pier One, a deep green scarf gifted to me from one of my brother Adam’s travels, three sunflowers, a clear glass vase, and pebble stones from the kids’ outdoor play area.

Happy Flowers vignette @coffeewihjulie

And here is the “Cozy Kitchen” vignette. I used some cooking books, a clock gifted to us for our wedding from my Aunt and Uncle, a pottery collection I picked up at a garage sale, and a mix of flowers and greenery.

Cozy Kitchen vignette @coffeewithjulie

P.S.  If you like to pin it up over on Pinterest, I’ve started a Board dedicated to vignettes — mine and others for inspiration. Check it out for a giggle to see the epic vignette fails of “Roses and Man Socks” as well as “Daily Life”!


  1. you and your vignettes, Julie!! i think it is your inner Sarah Richardson just trying to break free.

    i think you are like me in that you enjoy and admire interior decorating, but it doesn’t necessarily come naturally! some folks can throw a vignette together from their pocket lint and it looks good! We have to put a lot of thought into it to acheive the desired results… but the end product looks great!

  2. Love your vignettes, Julie!  It’s hard to describe why but I too find that It’s very enjoyable doing them so I can imagine the fun that you are having.  Looking forward to seeing more :)

    • coffeewithjulie says:

       @TatianaDokuchic Yep, I am having fun … it’s like a stress release or something, or maybe it’s because I get to do so little creatively in my day job that this just feels so extra good? Who knows!

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