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When Time Slips Away

Running in the cornfields

It could be the constant rain today.

Or because last week my son started junior kindergarten. Or that the week before that my daughter turned 10 years old.

Or it could even be because Hubby turns 40 this month. Or that in the month afterwards, I turn 41.

Time is slipping away on me. And for whatever the reason, it’s weighing on me heavily these days.

It’s as if I feel the minutes ticking away more now. The time I should or could or must spend with my children while they are still children. The time I should or could or must spend building my career into a passion before it’s too late. The time I should or could or must spend getting fit so that I don’t let my health fade away on me.

We’ve all read the books or the wise words said on deathbeds. None of them profess that you should take more time to ensure your bills and household paperwork are in order. That your children wear clean clothes and practice proper manners at the table. That you are diligent in getting to work and getting your work done so that there is a flow of money for a mortgage. Or, dare I say it, that you devote time to navel gazing on a self-titled web blog.

I’m not looking for answers here. I don’t actually believe there are any. Or, at least, not easy ones.

I just wanted to share how I’m feeling. About time.



  1. September always makes me feel that way.

  2. I can genuinley say I completely agree….Time just seems to swallow things up whole sometimes!

  3. I agree completely. We’re at exactly the same point of life as you – same aged kids, same ages ourselves – and it really does feel like I’m cresting the mountain, getting ready to roll down the other side. It’s too soon, too fast, too early. Can’t I just sit here and enjoy the view for a little longer?

  4. time sure is moving fast these days isn’t it?  I just try to do things that make me happy and hope I’m choosing correctly.  Time will tell I suppose 😉

  5. I hear you. I’m halfway to ninety…my baby just started college. Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…

  6. I was weepy sending ds off to his first day of JK. If I didn’t have a three month old at home I would have been a sweet hot mess ;). Time is a slippery little bugger

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