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Worried about the waistline this holiday?

I definitely need to lose a few pounds. But I’m not crazy enough to think that’s going to happen over the Christmas holidays. The sheer amount of food and temptation at this time of the year is enough to put even the most disciplined any person over the edge!

So, in the meantime, I’m going to take solace in these vintage advertisements. Won’t you join me?

weight 3 Back When Thin Wasnt In: 8 Vintage Weight Gain Ads

More ads can be viewed (and deeply enjoyed!) over at Babble.

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  1. So funny!
    I feel a different kind of need. The need of purging things other than pounds off my hips…too much STUFF in this house!!

    But such is the holidays. Enjoying some downtime with my family, hoping you are too.

    All the best from Javaline, to you.

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