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A Day in New York City: May 22, 2011

For my friends not on twitter. Here is my day, via tweets starting when I woke up ….

  • It is exceptionally difficult to make decisions without caffeine. No coffee maker in this hotel room.
  • Must throw on baseball cap and go find a Starbucks asap. I guess I should change out of pjs too. This is rough.
  • Yes, Latte in hand now. Life is good!
  • Man, it’s not even 10:30 am yet and @thegrumpymama and @thevoog have me craving Chinese food!*
  • Have a date with DD’s godfather for lunch in East Village
  • 8th and 22nd: such charm! Eating it up just wandering.
  • Just looked at map. I’m in West Village. Now it all makes sense
  • The dog poop on street is so Paris. 😉
  • Ooh! Pottery Barn
  • Chess games at Union Square. So cool, me thinks.
  • And if chess isn’t cool enough, martial arts in Union Square
  • 16 dollars for 18 cookies. Chelsea Market.
  • Now on the High Line, NYC. Old railway line transformed into walking park
  • Watching top chef tour in meatpacking district, NYC
  • My host and I have now said goodbyes. I cabbed back to hotel. Sore feet!
  • So tired now. Must. Stay. Awake. I am seeing amazing show @thenormalheart at 7pm:
  • The guy in the hotel room next to me is singing in the shower. I can hear him like he’s in my room. Good chuckle!
  • Thank you to the cast of @thenormalheart for the most moving piece of theatre I have ever seen
*There were also some tweeting tangents with @thegrumpymama about how I could bring her back a dozen eggrolls from China town. I didn’t think it would make it through customs. But she seemed quite certain that I could simply stick them in my bra.
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  1. Heather Ann says:

    I figured you could use that stadium bra thing. I know you have traveled lots. For me, New York is the first place I would go if I suddenly won the lotto. We are broke with no passports, so currently it is not an option but in the old days Dh and I did go to NYC by car for the weekend. We went to restaurant in China Town which took only cash and when we got there for lunch the staff was sitting around a big table shelling fresh peas. We had a bunch of different dishes which were all good but the egg rolls. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. I have never had one as good. Ever. After lunch we toured around by foot. Eventually, we returned to the car to find it broken into and all our possessions gone. After the police station we drove to Albany and because of some Games could only get a horrible room in a motel. Everything was closed. It was the next day before I scored a toothbrush. Still one if the best trips ever.

  2. I don’t see any tweets about shoe shopping??

  3. nice blog, but when I read this blog I m crying due to the loss of your shoes.

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