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Countdown to the Oscars

Every year, one of my BFFs hosts a very fun Oscars party. It’s just girls and we all show up in our pjamas with tiaras and boas. (And somehow, every year, my hubby forgets this and asks if I’m really going to wear my pjamas outside the house.)

As you can imagine with any gathering of women, the food is plentiful and so is the wine. Plus, the hostess gives us each an old fashioned loot bag — like you would receive if you were a kid going to a party. Awesome, right? I know.

With the exception of one, who works in the research department at a magazine and knows everything about everything, many of us really don’t make it out to the movies much. So we’re basically watching the red-carpet outfits. But, nevertheless, I like to make a rushed attempt to see as many Oscar-nominated films as I can in the last couple of weeks before the show.

So, here’s how I’m doing so far this year when it comes to the 10 films that have been nominated for Best Picture:

The Fighter:

This one is up for a ton of awards. Although the acting was fabulous, I can’t say that I fell in love with the movie itself. It was good. And it’s definitely worth a watch … but to win the Oscar for Best Picture? Meh. It just wasn’t unique enough. Or memorable enough.

However, I did mention the acting. Christian Bale is not only unrecognizable, but entirely believeable as a drug addict. He plays the lead’s brother, as both likeable but infuriating. Bale really pulls it off. Plus, any time a good looking person plays ugly (think Nicole Kidman with a nose prothesis in The Hours , or Charleze Theron with bad skin and a few extra pounds in Monster) they get lots of Oscar karma. So he’s got it in the bag I think.

Two of the movie’s supporting actresses are up for nominations as well — and both are extremely well-deserved. Although Melissa Leo plays the controlling matriarch to perfect pitch, I can’t help but root for the fiesty character that Amy Adams pulled off as the girlfriend.

The King’s Speech:

Like The Fighter, this is an excellent, solid movie, but I don’t see it as “the” best picture of the year. But just because it might not seem “best picture”-worthy to me, doesn’t mean I don’t think you should run out and see it right now!

The movie follows how a man in a position of immense power tries to deal with a severe speech stammer. It’s touching AND inspiring. Colin Firth, as the film’s title king, does amazing work on this film. I’d love to see him win for best male lead.

Black Swan:


Now this is what I call a best picture! As one of the most unique and riveting films I’ve seen in ages, and I’m kind of at a loss how to even describe it. (It’s quite disturbing, so don’t take your young ballet-loving sons or daughters to see it.) But if you are interested in this film, I’d definitely recommend trying to catch it on the big screen; it’s worth it.

As far as I’m concerned Natalie Portman’s name should already be engraved on the leading lady Oscar. She transformed herself physically for the role and looked every bit the part. But more than that, she was just perfection in this role. I could not have asked for more from her.

So, with the weekend around the corner, I’m hoping to increase my current score of 3 out of 10. Which ones should I try to see first? I’m thinking The Social Network, The Kids Are All Right, and Winter’s Bone.

Have you seen any of the Oscar-nominated films? What were your faves? Who would you love to see win for lead and supporting actors/actresses? Or do you just watch the red-carpet dresses and call it a day!


  1. Ooooh, your party sounds like so much fun! I used to have a similar party BK (before kids). I should bring it back – although I never make it out to the movies anymore.

    This year in particular I have found a new determination to return to my old habit of seeing all of the best picture nominees before the big day. Now that there are 10 of them, it’s even harder but I’m working on it. So far we have seen Inception (LOVE, but not emotional enough to win best picture); The Social Network (brilliant, and so timely, and so interesting, I’d love to see it win); and Toy Story 3 (HEARTBREAKING, bring a whole box of tissues if you can even stand to make it through to the end).

    Wow, that’s only 3. I better get cracking! I have plans to see The King’s Speech with friends next week, and we have (shhhhhhh) downloads of Black Swan and The Fighter to watch here.

  2. I really liked The King’s Speech, and tonight I’m going to see The Black Swan. Can’t wait!
    Other than that I have seen none of the movies though I hope to rent most of them at some point. Gone are the days when I had seen all of the nominees before the big spectacle :(

  3. My goal is always to see all the nominees from this year, before NEXT years event! The red carpet is the best part anyways.

    Sounds like a fun party. Enjoy it.

  4. That party sounds like so much fun, but how do you all manage to stay up so late? :)

    I didn’t even realize I had seen so many movies, but I am at 7 out of 10.

    I would go with The Social Network next. I really enjoyed that one.

    I agree with your assessment of the King’s Speech, but I LOVED The Fighter. I didn’t want it to end. As for Black Swan, I really did not enjoy this movie (and I love ballet and dance), but then again I’m never really in love with psycho-thrillers.

    I’d like to see True Grit or Winter’s Bone next.

  5. I’ve been doing some serious Oscar movie watching myself, so far agree with your assessments of the movies. I’ve seen The Fighter, King’s Speech, Black Swan, The Kids are All Right, Social Network, True Grit and Winter Bone!!! Yes, that is a lot of movie watching – but there isn’t a lot of options in Korea, other than downloading things you hear about. I wan Black Swan to win, but can’t make any major decisions on best actors/actresses. The only thing I don’t understand is The Social Network – am I missing something? Did not even think this deserved a nomination, let alone all the Golden Globes it just won!!

  6. Now that sounds like a fun party. This year I’m ahead of the game…I actually saw one of the nominated movies. Since I just watched Slum Dog Millionaire this year, I’m a tad tardy when it comes to seeing great films. I would like to see the ones you suggest though. Have fun! :)

  7. UPDATE: okay, I can add two more to my list! (But they are not “best picture” nominations.

    1. Animal Kingdom, which has received a nomination for best supporting actress (Jacki Weaver). This is bleak, bleak, bleak! Sure, it’s well done, but you are left feeling so hopeless for the characters. Good, but not for the faint of heart.

    2. Exit through the Gift Shop, which has received a nomination for best documentary feature. This was a great film! Both DH and I really enjoyed it and it kept us talking afterwards. Interesting and worth a watch.

  8. So are you trying to see as many movies as possible so you can win the big prize at the end of the night? I think you have a record this year for the most Oscar movies seen by Julie. Can’t wait for Sunday!

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