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Criminally addictive

Perforated HeartTelevision’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent has a character named Capt. Danny Ross. But it turns out that this actor, Eric Bogosian, is actually the author of a criminally addictive novel: Perforated Heart. I was stuck in bed for two days with the flu and had randomly picked this book up from a library shelf, as I tend to do, and I just couldn’t put it down.  

As I got sucked into this novel, I checked out the dust jacket picture, and lo’ and behold — it’s Capt. Ross! Naturally, many of you already know him from Talk Radio and his many other artistic successes. But somehow, they had escaped me until now.

If you liked Mordecai Richler’s caustic writing, a la Barney’s Version, I can recommend Perforated Heart for your summer reading pleasure.

I’m off to find all of Bogosian’s other novels and devour those too.


  1. […] three novels and raving about them on this blog. The first one I came across was his most recent, Perforated Heart, while the second one I read was Mall. Sandwiched in between these two, he wrote Wasted Beauty […]

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