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Don't stop believin'!

I’d given up television.

On the one hand, we have the serial dramas. But I just don’t think it’s good for a person’s psyche to become immune to watching murders in slow-motion, detailed autopsies and horrific abuse of children night after night after night after night after night. Okay, you get my drift.

On the other hand, we have reality-television serials. I’ve noticed a slew of new ones added to the stock standards of “American Idol,” “Survivor” and Big Brother” (I digress: I was horrified to learn recently that my best friend and her husband watch every episode of Big Brother 11. Every. Episode).  These latest reality entries include “16 and Pregnant,” “Supersize and Superskinny,” and “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” I’ll freely admit that I’ve tuned into these new ones purely because of the titles. I mean, who could resist? It’s like the National Enquirer shouting “Baby born with 3 heads!” at you while you’re bored senseless in the grocery aisle — you just gotta take a look. But after a moment or two, I just start to feel all wrong about it. Why these people allow television cameras in on their lives’ most intimate moments is beyond me.

But there’s always HBO, right? Oh, except when one’s satellite provider’s only package with HBO is the most ridiculous, 1,000-channel option that is three times the price of my basic pack.

So, I’d given up.

But on Wednesday night, I encountered “Glee.” If you saw this show, you know how absolutely darn gleeful I am right now! And if you haven’t, this posting is a public service announcement for you: don’t miss the next episode! Glee will continue to air on Wednesday nights on Fox.

It combines high school angst, tunes a la Air Supply genre and some fabulous twisted humour. It’s from the genius that is Ryan Murphy, creator of “Nip/Tuck” (also twisted, but in a much different way).  And it goes like this:

An optimistic school teacher decides to resurrect the Glee club (i.e. a singing club). His principal agrees on the proviso that he, the teacher, pay the school the $60 fee that the school could otherwise garner for renting the rehearsal space out to the public. Mr. Optimistic agrees, despite worries about how he will pry the $60 from his meagre budget, already stretched to the limit supporting his wife’s Pottery Barn ‘Christmas closet’. The kids in the Glee club are a stereotypical mish-mash of high school misfits. They’re the underdogs. And who doesn’t like to root for the underdog?

The theme song of Glee is an 80s’ classic: Journey’s “Don’t stop believin’.” I just can’t get it out of my head now. So go to YouTube and get a listen. It’ll get your day going on a great note. 

(P.S. I know, I should have embedded the You Tube video for you, but I can’t work out how to do it in less than 2 minutes. I’ve got deadlines — you know, those things that pay my bills — to hit, so this is a short coffee break. Have a great gleefully delicious Friday my friends!)

Sept 5th am: Now cross-posted on Blissful Buzz.


  1. Yes I am a reality t.v. junky and scared at the possibility that Big Brother is my main sorce of communication with my husband…….all that aside I too also loved Glee. In fact, both my husband and I laughed out loud during many moments. It will forsure be our new fall show we watch together. I was scared for a brief moment that we would have nothing to replace Big Brother with…..thank god for Glee!

  2. I happened to catch the premiere of Glee back in the spring (they just showed the one episode) — I watched it accidentally when something else I taped recorded for an extra half hour.

    It was SO FABULOUS. I’ve been waiting months for it to return, and I’ve watched Don’t Stop Believin’ on YouTube like, a hundred times.

    My husband is currently dominating the television with his obsession with The Wire, but this week’s episode of Glee is waiting for me when I get a chance. I’m so excited!

  3. Totally agree with you about T.V., will have to check out Glee sometime. And God do I ever hate C.S.I. too.

    Most of my favourite shows are on HBO too. Until HBO finally comes to Canada (thank you CRTC), I can only recommend the following to you:

    1 .Star Trek reruns
    2. Hockey

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