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Onward & upward! 250 of the best places to stay, cities to see and finds worth finding in 2010

The Christmas frenzy is now over and I love looking forward to a fresh new year full of possibilities.

To get yourself dreaming for the year ahead, check out today’s Ottawa Citizen‘s Travel Section (print). Laura Robin, the paper’s Travel Editor, does an annual roundup of “best lists” — 250 of the best places to stay, cities to see and finds worth finding.

In the past, I’ve contributed “5 best men’s rooms with a view” (don’t ask me how I know about these!) and “5 best wine touring regions in Australia” (I like my Australian wine almost as much as I like my Australian “flat white” coffees!).

I am so happy to once again be a contributor. This year has really opened up my heart to blogs and blogging and I’ve contributed a piece titled “5 best travel blogs,” each of which you can now easily access via my blogroll lists on the bottom right-hand column of this blog.


A second list that appears in the paper today is “5 best girlfriend getaways” These are no traditional “spa & shopping” affairs, but truly unique experiences to share with the special girlfriends in your life. If I manage to do all 5 of these getaways before I die, I will die a happy woman.


But come to think of it … you could do any of these trips with your guy friends, boyfriend, partner, or spouse and they would be just as amazing! So I’m already thinking ahead to a family summer vacation at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. Here is a photo of one of the canyons:


What dreams and plans do you have for 2010?


  1. Julie, thanks for making my weekend by including my blog in your “5 best” list! My travel dreams for the year to come are big ones, and with your stamp of approval, they’re off to a great start! I’ll be in Jamaica, Maui, New York City and Costa Rica in the next few months, but I also hope to see Croatia, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Botswana. Hope our paths cross!

  2. Jules –
    Was so proud to see your name in the paper today and to be able to announce you to visiting family! I look forward to our getaway and would like to join you on one of those 5 you listed!

    • Ditto! And thanks for your sweet words. Now, take a look at the “Get Glassy” on the girlfriends getaways … are you up for it? It can be done in a weekend.

  3. I have travel dreams, but my kids are still really small so this year they will be closer to home and kid friendly. But I plan to sneak away for some spa time. It’s pedestrian, but so appreciated. Having these little monkeys has really opened my eyes to the wonders of a space where everyone speaks quietly and walks slowly.

    • Amber – it’s definitley possible to travel even when your children are super young. You just have to adjust your expectations. We’ve done it since my daughter was born in 2002 and it’s made her a really great traveller by the age of 7. She’s been around the world 3 times already! But, spa time? Oh, I hear you! I highly recommend hitting Le Nordik. It’s only $42 for all-day access and there is a “quiet” policy. It’s heaven! Also, I’m working on an article right now for kid-friendly trips that are within driving distance from Ottawa, so that might help provide a few ideas for your family too. (It’s going to be published before March break.)

  4. Well, I’m pretty excited that I’m going to be visiting the place that’s been at the top of my travel destinations list for a while now. I don’t want to say anything else until closer to the date though. Also, after reading Melanie’s list, my little trip won’t seem all that interesting.

    • XUP – so excited for you! And I can’t wait to read all about it in your blog. The fact that a single mother can get away on a trip in her lifetime is a miracle in and of itself, so take pride in that!

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