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Meet the Superhumans

Have you been caught up in the Olympic spirit yet? Although our family doesn't really follow sports and you won't find us watching any "big game," the Olympics draw us right in! And the advertising and marketing is no different. I've shared this one on Olympics and mothers already, but have you seen this one on The Super Humans yet? I've watched this video over and over again. I love how it's gritty, and not sunshine-y. Forget Everything You … [Read more...]

Stella has a New Look!

Long Hair: Before Cutting for Donation

Stella has been growing her hair for about two years now. She has gorgeous hair -- capital G, gorgeous! It is really thick, with a nice wave in it. And you can see it's grown quite long now ... well past her shoulders. (If I could transplant some of it straight onto my head, trust me, I would!) But she hasn't been growing it long to enjoy it long; she's been growing it so that she can donate it for cancer patients who would prefer to wear … [Read more...]

Sending Strength and Inspiration via the Seattle’s Children’s Hospital

My friend Cassie was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer in February. Since then, she and her family have been living through what most would describe as hell. But you wouldn't know it from speaking with them -- they are dealing with a brutal treatment regime one day at a time, and finding moments of joy where ever they can.  Just recently, she shared how her and her mother are supporting each other: Our motto together has become "If we don't … [Read more...]