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The Winter Resolution series: Bush party! (shhhh … pass it on)

Keogan cabin, Gatineau Park

When I was a teenager, every so often word would spread that a "bush party" was going to take place on the weekend. Unlike the "house party" which took place at some poor unsuspecting parent's home while they were away, a "bush party" involved no house, just a location in the woods somewhere. The two types of parties still shared some commonalities -- no parents, underage drinking and police showing up. The last item on the list being why the … [Read more...]

The Winter Resolution series: The Shilly Shally


Ah, the infamous Shilly Shally. Stella has been raving about the charm of the Shilly Shally for years now. I'm not sure if she goes on about it unconsciously or as a conscious attempt to convince me to go cross-country skiing with her and hubby. Either way, I have always responded with something along the lines of "Have a special time with Daddy, while Mommy does some reading." But that changed on Sunday. Why? Oh, because of that damn … [Read more...]

The Winter Resolution Series: Getting the Gear

gear small

On December 4th, I made a public resolution on this blog. And that was: Find a way to enjoy winter. Notice how I didn't use the word "love," but simply "enjoy" (as in, "not hate with a bitterness that last three months"). On today, the first day of not only a fresh new year, but also a fresh new decade, it seems like an apt time to share an update. The experts (i.e. my husband) insist that enjoying winter is all about getting the right gear. … [Read more...]