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Can Gadgets Help Kids Be More Active Or Are They Just Gimmicks?

Front and Side View of a Pokewalker

There's a whole lot of talk lately about kids and their low fitness levels in Canada. This week, as example, Healthy Active Kids Canada just released their annual report and gave Canadian kids a grade of "D minus" (yikes!) for overall fitness activity levels. I've been working with a client who focuses on this, so I've had the opportunity to read into some of the research investigating the roots of this issue and, needless to say, it's a complex, … [Read more...]

A child's prayer


I'm not much for formal religion, but this prayer came home in my daughter's school bag yesterday and I just loved it. It seems like a perfect wish-list for a child's summer, doesn't it?     A Prayer May no cats get in your sandbox May your frisbees always spin May your fridge be filled with oranges May you love the life you're in. May your teddy be fuzzy May your rainy days be wet May your teacher tell your stories That you never will … [Read more...]

4 Days

Dear Son, Not only are you adorable, but you are clever. Since my last letter to you, it is clear that you have chosen not to be sold to the highest bidder on the black market. And further, you are considerate. You ensured that you communicated this wish to us before we had begun the tedious work of developing marketing copy and securing advertising space. It's been at least a week now that you've slept-in until the requisite humane time of 6 … [Read more...]