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LeapFrog Toy Review: AlphaPet Explorer

The AlphaPet Explorer Toy Test LeapFrog age guide: 2-6 years Price point: Approx $25 The result? None of the children who tested this toy with me took any kind of lasting interest in the AlphaPet Explorer. Although the concept of the toy seems well-founded, it just doesn't seem to execute. We found the games too complex and the buttons too small for children up to 3 years of age, and for over-3 set, the toy seemed too "baby-ish" or … [Read more...]

Ho! ho! ho! ribbit! ribbit! ribbit!


*** at the bottom of this post you can vote for which children's charity will receive a LeapFrog donation of toys -- please voice your suggestion! *** It's time to get serious about Christmas! Like many things I used to scoff at, shopping early for Christmas is something I now do. I used to think that people who shopped early for Christmas were either too organized for their own good or just plain liked shopping far too much. Now I know … [Read more...]