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LeapFrog Tag Reading System (toy review)


In follow-up to my "Ho! ho! ho! ribbit! ribbit! ribbit!" post, I am happy to share this toy review* with you -- just in time for Christmas. It's for the LeapFrog Tag Reading System. What is it? The Canadian Toy Testing Council awarded this toy with the Children's Choice Award in 2009 and since then the company has continued to expand its library of books to accompany the system. It's a unique system and I think the best way of really … [Read more...]

Toys for all ages

will word

As my daughter started to grow out of her toys, I would give them to friends or donate them to charities. I only kept a few toys -- ones that were of high quality or particularly popular -- on the chance that we'd have another child. Now we have a 7-year-old girl and a 16-month-old boy. With a six-year age gap, you would think that these two would never share the same toys. And yet, when I recently dug out Stella's old Word Whammer and put it … [Read more...]