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Postcard from Bar Harbor, Maine: Humans and the creatures they love


While in Bar Harbor, I took in a tourist attraction to see a much-loved creature. "I stood shuffling nervously. Nervous because I really wanted a lucky glimpse of the creature and also, because I hoped that the motion-sickness pills I had gulped down would work." The experience left me wondering about the finicky nature of human love ... Please click here to read the full piece as featured in the e-zine Life As A Human. … [Read more...]

Who wears short-shorts?


                                                                                                                                          Do you dare wear short-shorts? If you’re my age and can pull off short-shorts, all the power to you. If you’re a young woman with long tanned legs you want to show off, all the power to you. But please — let’s not dress our young girls in short-shorts. {click here to see why I'm such a prude about … [Read more...]

Sharing stories

There's been a great deal of interesting and intelligent debate -- as well as some yelling, screaming and posturing of course -- about woman and blogs as of late. In one situation, some "mommy" bloggers were put under the academic microscope, while in others, the mainstream media snickered at mothers and their interest in blogging and, strangely, pronounced that women didn't blog, only men. People I know who don't read my blog often ask me … [Read more...]

An Interesting Human: Dr. Basil Donovan

For my new gig over at Life As A Human, I have my first in a series of "interesting human" profiles posted today! It features Dr. Basil Donovan, who was a member of a committed coalition of medical professionals, homosexuals, sex workers, nuns, drug addicts and politicians that “broke the law, offended everyone, and saved tens of thousands of lives” when AIDS first hit Sydney, Australia in the early '80s. You can check out this short … [Read more...]

Life As A Human has launched!


So, today is the big day! Life As A Human, the Canadian-based e-zine I was telling you about in my last post has now launched. I really had no idea how it was all going to come together or who the other writers were -- it was a bit of a leap of faith to sign-on as a contributor. As you can imagine then, I was super keen to check it out first thing this morning. The result? I'm thrilled! And honoured. Because the editorial team selected … [Read more...]

My head is really big


My head is so big, it's practically toppling off my neck at the moment. Here's why: An unexpected shout-out! I like to poke around Girl about O-town's blog because she always seems to know what new funky things are going on around Ottawa. Not the same ol' stuff -- fresh, interesting stuff! I love admiring great design -- paper, home, web -- and as it happens, not only does she as well but she also creates a lot too. So much so, she just … [Read more...]