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Confessions of a Recovering Judgmental Mom

Tyrannosaurus Rex

I'm totally in awe of today's guest poster, Amanda. She probably thinks it's because I envy the way she always manages to capture the sexiest selfies, or perhaps her perfect hue of red hair, or maybe even her cute shoe collection. These things are true, and she might be on to something ... but no, it's the writing. Damn, she's good. Remember "50 Pounds of Poutine"? Yeah, that was her. This time she leaves the fantasy tales behind and shares some … [Read more...]

When going to work feels like a holiday

As I was scrolling through facebook updates last night, I noticed one of my friends admit that she was looking forward to her kids going back to school and then added "is that really wrong?" I reached out immediately and made my own admission that I suspected that going back to work today is going to feel like a holiday. This friend and I never see each other. We're facebook friends in the pure sense. But I find this kind of supportive and … [Read more...]