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Commercials are bad for my mental health

Lately, I have found myself watching commercials more consciously. And it seems that pretty much everything about me is simply not good enough -- not my skin, my body shape, the way my house smells, or even my own role in my family. This constant barrage of criticism can't be good for my mental health, can it? Even though I can intellectually reject it, messages can still creep into my subconscious. And if it's not good for my mental … [Read more...]

Thinking aloud about envy (with Andrea)

Just as I happened to be reading an article titled "Envy at Work," my friend and fellow blogger Andrea at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl published a new post titled "Thinking aloud about envy." The article I was reading had initially intrigued me because envy isn't a common topic for Harvard Business Review, or business research in general for that matter. Also, I work in the area of organizational change management and I wondered if envy played a … [Read more...]