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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

Today, September 10th, has been dedicated to preventing suicide around the world. The intent, according to a news release issued today by Suicide Prevention Canada, is to: "Support those bereaved by suicide, remember and celebrate the lives of those who died by suicide, support those who struggle with living, and renew our commitment to helping all Canadians reconnect with their reasons to live while building lives with dignity, purpose, and … [Read more...]

Suicide in the news

I found it curious that last Saturday two of our national newspapers had below-the-fold cover stories on the topic of suicide. Suicide is something that rarely gets discussed among family members, let alone in our mainstream media. In this case though, both stories covered the suicidal deaths of soldiers. The Globe and Mail investigated the death of Major Michelle Mendes, who killed herself in Afganistan at the age of 30. The Ottawa Citizen … [Read more...]