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Grown-up girls get to have sleepovers too


"When I first attended a slumber party some 25 years ago, we prided ourselves on avoiding sleep. Sprawled out on the floor of a friend's basement with pillows and sleeping bags, my companions and I would heartily fight any drooping eyelids by ingesting sugar and cola. Fast-forward to this morning, and slumber -- in lush, high-end bedding no less -- resumes its rightful place in the term "slumber party." Tip-toeing down the stairs to join me in … [Read more...]

Awesome autumn daytrip

Pssst! Got kids? Then you won't want to miss out on this awesome autumn roadtrip. It's an easy daytrip -- or an overnighter, if you please -- so pack up some roadtrip snacks and get the kids ready! Pick up a copy of this Saturday's Ottawa Citizen (Travel section) to get the details. … [Read more...]